Successful Surgery for Rare Urinary Bladder Phaeochromocytoma @ PMCH

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20 Dec, 23 09:13
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Successful Surgery for Rare Urinary Bladder Phaeochromocytoma @ PMCH

Udaipur: In a significant medical achievement, the urology team led by Dr. Hanuvant Singh Rathore at Pacific Medical College and Hospital successfully diagnosed and treated a rare condition known as urinary bladder phaeochromocytoma. The patient, a 59-year-old woman from the cotton belt of Chittorgarh, had been suffering from sudden increases in blood pressure, severe headaches, and burning sensations during urination for the past seven to eight years.
Despite consulting multiple physicians, the patient's symptoms persisted without improvement. It was only when the family brought her to Pacific Hospital in Bhilwara that she was seen by urologist and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Hanuvant Singh Rathore. Comprehensive tests, including CT scans and MRI, revealed a growth attached to the bladder wall, presenting a challenging case.
Dr. Rathore explained that the patient's condition, urinary bladder phaeochromocytoma, is characterized by the overproduction of adrenaline and noradrenaline hormones. This can lead to elevated blood pressure, severe headaches, sweating, and even panic attacks. The surgical intervention required careful consideration due to the potential risks associated with manipulating the growth, as any disturbance could lead to a sudden spike in blood pressure, risking brain hemorrhage.
The surgery, carried out with the assistance of oncologist Dr. Saurabh Sharma, Dr. Konark Thakkar, and the anesthesia team led by Dr. Prakash Oudichya, Dr. Samir Goyal, and Dr. Vikram Chandra Mohan Sharma, was intricate and involved the removal of the growth without puncturing it. The medical team at Pacific Medical College and Hospital emphasized the importance of advanced infrastructure and a skilled team in making such complex surgeries possible.
Dr. Rathore highlighted that urinary bladder phaeochromocytoma cases are extremely rare in the history of medical science, and only a few cases have been documented. The successful surgery not only removed the growth but also normalized the patient's blood pressure, leading to her complete recovery.
The patient, covered under the RBSK scheme, received the operation at no cost, and she has been discharged with a clean bill of health. This achievement showcases the capabilities of Pacific Medical College and Hospital in handling complex medical cases and providing successful outcomes.

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