Successful Congenital Heart Hole Treatment

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21 Sep, 23 10:52
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Successful Congenital Heart Hole Treatment

Udaipur, In a significant medical achievement, doctors at Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital, Umrada, have successfully treated a baby girl suffering from a congenital heart hole.
The hospital's Chairman, Ashish Aggarwal, shared that the patient, a young girl named Lakshita, was born with a congenital heart condition that impeded her normal development. At the age of three, she weighed only six kilograms and faced various health challenges, including frequent colds and flu, fatigue during play, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat.
Recently, Lakshita's relatives brought her to PIMS Hospital for treatment. After conducting thorough tests, Dr. Vivek Rawat, a heart and vascular surgeon, performed open-heart surgery to close the hole in her heart. The successful surgery was made possible with the dedicated support of cardiac anesthesiologist Dr. Vipin Sisodia, cardiologist Dr. Mahesh Jain, and Dr. Umesh Swarnakar.
Chairman Ashish Agarwal emphasized that all complex heart surgeries are being conducted free of cost under the Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme at PIMS Hospital. This commitment to providing accessible healthcare is instrumental in saving and improving the lives of individuals like Lakshita who require specialized medical attention.

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