Paras Hospital successfully removed a 10 cm tumor from the woman's head

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04 Jan, 23 10:09
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Paras Hospital successfully removed a 10 cm tumor from the woman's head

Udaipur: The neurosurgery team of Paras Hospital, Udaipur, has achieved another success. A 10 cm tumor from the head of a 60-year-old woman has been successfully removed by surgery using a CUSA machine. The surgery has been successfully performed by Dr. Ajit Singh, Senior Consultant Neuro and Spine Surgeon
. The woman had problems with headaches, loss of appetite, and even an inability to recognize people and change in behavior. MRI test revealed that there is a 10 cm tumor in the head. After reviewing all the tests, Dr. Ajit Singh decided to have  the surgery after explaining all the apprehensions related to the operation to the family members, which was successfully done. It took 8 to 9 hours to perform this surgery, and the  CUSA machine was used. 
Dr. Ajit Singh said that with the help of CUSA and an image guidance machine, small pieces of tumor can be removed with less bleeding. The woman's head tumor was big, so we successfully performed this surgery using this machine. The woman is now completely healthy after the successful surgery.
Dr. Ajit Singh said that this disease is called meningioma tumor in medical language. In medical terminology, this tumor arises from the layer formed around the head called the meninges. This tumor usually develops slowly; in many cases, its symptoms do not appear for years. Its symptoms are headache, blurred vision, weakness in hands and feet, change in behavior, etc. If it is not treated in time, then due to its effects, the patient may also have a disability. According to Dr., such a big tumor takes 3 to 4 years to develop. Its symptoms, like behavior change, should be assessed in time, and a CT scan should be done, and it should not be ignored, considering it as a behavior-related disease. If this type of tumor is detected initially, its treatment is possible even without surgery and techniques.

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