Growing cervical cancer is a matter of concern - Dr. Sushma

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24 Jun, 22 08:50
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Growing cervical cancer is a matter of concern - Dr. Sushma

One of the reasons why cancer patients are increasing in the country is a lack of awareness. A breast and cervical cancer prevention and treatment workshop were organized to make women aware of cancer in the city. The chief guest in the seminar was Dr. Alka Mundada, State President of Bharatiya Janata Party Mahila Morcha, where more than 50 women related to various diseases were given free consultations. After the seminar at Khushi Clinic, free consultation was also scheduled in which specialist doctors gave women proper guidance for gynecological and obstetric diseases, cancer, and diseases related to the nose, ear, and throat.

Specialist doctor Dr. Sushma Mogra said that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India, but women are not aware of its symptoms, due to which they cannot come for treatment on time. Regarding cervical cancer, she said that it is the second most common cancer in women after breast cancer. Its symptoms are irregular menstruation, excessive bleeding in menstruation, smelly water, weight loss, etc. There are more patients with cervical cancer in the Udaipur division. If it is screened on time, then prevention is possible. Vaccines are also available to prevent cervical cancer, which can be given from nine to forty-five years old. Nose, Ear, Throat Specialist Dr. Nitin Sharma has given ENT-related problems, ear ripening, hole in the screen, ear bone melting, loss of hearing* and runny nose, sneezing, a curvature of the nasal bone, and bad breath. Counseled women on problems like tonsils, adenoids, thyroid, cancerous lumps, etc.

Workshop coordinator Dr. Kalpesh Purbia said that women are busy with their family work throughout the day; in such a situation, they do not remain serious about their health problems, which can increase their problems. *This* effort to make women aware will be made occasionally.

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