Geetanjali College and School of Nursing celebrated lamp lighting ceremony

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29 Sep, 21 10:04
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Geetanjali College and School of Nursing celebrated lamp lighting ceremony

Udaipur: GeetanjaliCollege andSchool ofNursing'sB.Sc. Nursing 13th and G.N.M of 12th batch. Organized lamp lighting and oath-taking program for the students. The program wasinauguratedbyDr.SandhyaGhai,Dean,GeetanjaliCollege and School of Nursing. Congratulating the students and nursing teachers who took an oath, in the inaugural address, she said that nursing is the noblest profession and he took the right decision to choose a nursing profession as it allows saving lives and making them happy. The health department depends on nurses for patient care. Any medical establishment is based on competent nurses to take care of the patient physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, she said, taking up the nursing profession is not easy as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. she said that in a good nurse it is very important to have communication skills, intelligence, readiness, resourcefulness, emotional stability, kindness, and empathy along with knowledge and competence. Mr.AnkitAgarwal Executive Director, Geetanjali Group, Dr. F.S. Mehta, Vice-Chancellor, Geetanjali University, andShriBhupendraMandaliya,Registrar,GeetanjaliUniversity extended their best wishes to all the students. ThechiefguestoftheprogramDr.SureshKSharma,Principal AIIMS, Jodhpur told about the importance of nursing and the role of nurses. He emphasized the importance of skill labs for good nursing training and said that it is necessary to have an adequate number of nursing teachers. The Principal of the college, Dr. Yogeshwar Puri Goswami administered the Nightingale Pledge to the students. In the program,theDeanofGeetanjaliMedicalCollege,Dr.Narendra Mogra, wished the students all the best for their bright future. CEOofGeetanjaliMedicalCollegeandHospital,Mr.Prateem Tamboli encouraged the students by remembering the good work done by the nursing staff. Dr. Sunita Dashottar, Medical Superintendent,GeetanjaliMedicalCollege,andHospital,briefed the students about soft skills and their importance. At the end of the program, Mr. Kuldeep Patidar Academic Officer thanked all the guests.

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