Paras JK Hospital performs single incision state-of-the-art surgery

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29 Sep, 21 10:01
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Paras JK Hospital performs single incision state-of-the-art surgery

Udaipur: RecentlyDr.AbhishekVyasofParas JKHospital, performed laparoscopic surgery with the help of a single incisionandremovedthegallsacofapatient.Laparoscopicsurgery is usually done by making four or three incisions, but it is not very common to do it with the help of a single incision. Laparoscopic surgery is considered one of the very modern techniques in the field of surgery. Under this, instead of making four incisions for surgery, binoculars and instruments are inserted together at the operation site. With the help of binoculars, doctors can see the area clearly and surgery is done with the tools mounted on the ends of the rest of the equipment. The specialty of laparoscopic surgery is that it does not have deep scars and associated problems. Dr. Abhishek Vyas, Consultant, Advanced Laparoscopic General&BariatricSurgery,Paras JKHospital,having7years of experience in the field of Laparoscopic surgery said, "Laparoscopic surgery is a very modern and effective technique but with a single incision technique whereSo far, it takes a lot of experience to do it. It takes time for a doctor to learn this process from four incisions to three, then gradually moving from one incision to laparoscopic surgery, which is also one of the reasons why it is not usually performed as much. We are delighted to see the patient back disease-free with this successful surgery." SILSmeans singleincisionlaparoscopic surgery isarapidly growing field, it can also be called the future of laparoscopic surgery. Given minimal incision, no scarring, least bleeding risk, etc., it is state-of-the-art and is constantly evolving.Apart from this, the patient also gets early discharge from the hospital.Vishwajeet Kumar, Facility Director, Paras JK Hospital says, "People often move to metros in the hope of modern treatment, but due to the availability of experienced doctors and modern treatment at our hospital in Udaipur, many people do not have to move out.

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