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A distressed patient gets relief from critical illness

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26 Mar, 21 11:18
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A distressed patient gets relief from critical illness

Udaipur. Physicians at the Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital Umrada have successfully treated a young man suffering from a severe illness.

PIMS chairman Asheesh Agarwal said that the 30-year-old youth complained of chest pain, nervousness and breathlessness. With this, the left eye began to swell, which reduced the patient's eyesight. If the patient did not get relief even after undergoing treatment in many hospitals, he was brought to PIMS Hospital. Here the patient was tested for blood, MRI of the eye, and HRCT of the chest, which showed that the patient is suffering from a disease called pulmonary thromboembolism and orbital cellulitis. Starting the treatment at the right time significantly improved the patient's health. After one week, the patient was discharged from the hospital.

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