An astonishing challenge to international branding – Red Branding

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31 Oct, 19 10:51
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An astonishing challenge to international branding – Red Branding

Everyone should strive hard and stick to the unique selling point in any arena to get our name to be in the success stories, says Chaitanya Janga, founder of International branding group Research Media Group (RMG) which crossed 572 crore mark in turnover and which is the most profitable group in the country for its scale of operations. Shaping its business in sync with market dynamics and venturing into new territories, now it is coming into the international world and global media arena in the name of ‘Red Branding’. It was inaugurated on a grand note in Mumbai.Behind every number one company, is a saga, of sweat, sagacity, and strategy that sets a precedent for enthusiastic entrepreneurs of tomorrow. From the evolution of an idea to the setting of a mission, the search for supremacy ends only in its achievement.In tune with the ever-changing and difficult market Conditions, few companies would stand strong, evolved, and excelled. The clarity of vision, a sense of purpose,the talent of the team, the marketing strategies or combination of all these factors help thecompaniestogrowandmoveonthepathofsuccess.Following all the strategies in the field of business,RMG’s CMD Chaitanya Janga is now set to challenge the international platform and he stated that it all depends on the belief and quality they are providing. Chaitanya Janga said, "In the journey of all these years, RMG has achieved and progressed with pride and pleasure. People and relations, we value them like nothing else. It is just satisfaction of our delighted customers that keep us top among the crowd and made us diversify into different areas with an integrated and trustworthy approach. The group has diversified into certain segments such as Research Media, Celebrity Hub, Magic Mantra, New Wave Advertising,Research Media Entertainments, World Fashion Mania, Key Heights, Pink PR Lines, Updates,Reflections, Real Updates, Signthro , Harika PrintingandTechnologies,Four–TheLifestyleMagazine,RMG Corporate Destination Tours. An effective branding strategy gives a major edge in increasingly competitive markets."

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