Setting Records in Dance: Kathak Marathon Breaks Guinness World Record

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02 Apr, 24 09:41
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Setting Records in Dance: Kathak Marathon Breaks Guinness World Record

Thirteen Kathak dancers from the Kathak Ashram Udaipur embarked on a remarkable journey to set a Guinness World Record for live Kathak dancing, covering a distance of 15 kilometers within 5 hours, 34 minutes, and 23 seconds. The event commenced at 10:27 AM at Rokwood School and concluded around 4 PM, with the dancers completing 362 loops, totaling 15 kilometers and 406 meters, within a designated area of 5,000 square feet.

Directed by Chandrakala Chaudhary, the Kathak Ashram team, along with resource persons and dignitaries, initiated the performance amidst the presence of notable individuals such as Cabinet Minister Babulal Kharadi. The dancers demonstrated their dedication and skill throughout the arduous task, receiving applause and encouragement from spectators and parents alike.

The Kathak Ashram's Nimisha Bhati, Priyanshi Joshi, Sejal Suhalka, Priyanka Chaubisa, Kajal Verma, Kumadi Mohle, Vaidehi Dashora, Purvi Agrawal, Surbhi Telar, Rudranshi Pujari, Nistha Seth, Bhoomika Singh, and Liana Shrimalli showcased exceptional talent, making the challenging feat appear effortless.

As the event progressed, spectators marveled at the dancers' perseverance and skill, while live musicians including tabla players Darshan Gautam and Narayan Gandharv, harmonium players Bhavesh Meghwal and Santosh Kumar, along with vocalists Dardia and Ayana Kalra, provided mesmerizing accompaniment.

The Kathak performance, executed in three taals and 16 matras, featured intricate footwork and rhythmic patterns, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression. Overall, the event was a testament to the dedication and artistry of the Kathak dancers and musicians, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India on a global platform.

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