Rajasthan Association for English Studies Concludes 20th Annual Conference

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05 Jan, 24 09:47
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Rajasthan Association for English Studies Concludes 20th Annual Conference

Udaipur: The 20th Annual Conference of the Rajasthan Association for English Studies concluded on its third day with participants engaging with the challenges and vibrancy of tribal life in the surrounding villages. Collaborating with the Gandhi Human Welfare Committee, individuals such as Karam Singh, Kailash, Bhuri Lal, Ajit, Nanalal, Lokesh Singh, and others supported the initiative.
The participants visited villages near Udaipur, including Gajvi, Gandar, Ranvi, Ranpur, Mohini, Samija, and Kolar, interacting with the residents to gain insights into their life challenges and rich cultural heritage. Gandhi Human Welfare Committee played a crucial role in facilitating this exchange of information.
The expedition revealed prevalent issues such as the scarcity of potable water, healthcare challenges, and inadequate electricity supply in these villages. Additionally, it was observed that children have to travel six to seven kilometers to access education beyond primary schools.
Adivasi women showcased their culture by singing various traditional songs at different occasions during the event, offering a glimpse into their lives and challenges. The conference provided a platform for participants to share their experiences and knowledge about language, worship practices, employment opportunities, and more.
The three-day conference also featured discussions on decentralization, environmentalism, and collectivism. The closing ceremony took place at Rana Punja Mahavidyalaya, where Madan Lal Nagda, the founder of the college, emphasized the pivotal role of education in empowering the common people in Adivasi regions.
Nand Kishor Sharma, the college director, stressed the importance of understanding the sensitivities of Adivasi communities and working towards their holistic development. Esteemed journalist Himmat Seth highlighted the need to base global existence and human welfare on nature-centric development.
In the opening remarks, Mohan Lal Sukhadiya, the Head of the English Department at Sukhadiya University, and Dr. Meenakshi Jain, the conference director, reported on the highlights of the three-day event, emphasizing the diverse participation from regions such as Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, West Bengal, Gujarat, Delhi, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and Haryana, as well as from Africa and Arab countries.
Summing up the conference, Dr. Khushpal Garg, from the English Department at Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University, expressed satisfaction with the event's comprehensive coverage of various aspects and issues. Local college administrator Mini shared her experiences, calling for collective efforts to address the concerns of border communities.
Hemendra Chandalia, Vice President of the Rajasthan Association for English Studies, announced future plans to extend the conference beyond Rajasthan, emphasizing the need for a new developmental paradigm to counteract the expansion of imperialist forces and exploitation of resources.

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