She is India Crowns Madhuri Patle as Mrs. Universe India 2023

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21 Sep, 23 10:32
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She is India Crowns Madhuri Patle as Mrs. Universe India 2023

New Delhi: The much-awaited 8th Edition of Mrs. India She is India 2023, co-powered by Zulfeyn, concluded in a dazzling display of beauty and talent, leaving an indelible mark on the world of pageantry. From 27th to 30th August 2023, the event unfolded at the prestigious venue, The Umrao, in New Delhi, showcasing the very best of India’s beauty and grace.
On the pinnacle evening of 30th August 2023, amidst a backdrop of glitz and glamour, the Mrs. India – She is India 2023 Pageant reached its crescendo. The air was thick with anticipation as over 200 people emerged as the radiant and deserving winner, taking centre stage as the new queen. The crown was ceremoniously placed upon her head by Aditi Sharma and sashed by Shruti Cauvery Iyer & Noyonita Lodh, a moment that signified the culmination of not just the pageant, but of a remarkable journey of empowerment and transformation. This prestigious title earns Madhuri Patle from Nagpur, Maharashtra the honour of representing India at the forthcoming Mrs. Universe pageant, scheduled to take place from 1st October to 10th October in Manila city of Philippines.
Speaking of her victory, Madhuri Patle expressed, “This win is a testament to the power of perseverance and the unyielding spirit that resides within each of us. I’m immensely proud to be the recipient of this honour and to carry forward the message that She truly is India – strong, confident, and unstoppable. As I wear this crown, I stand not just as an individual achiever, but as a representative of every woman who dares to dream and break barriers.”
The illustrious Mrs. India She is India 2023 Pageant witnessed the remarkable journey of nine exceptional finalists who truly embody the spirit of empowerment and grace. Aisshwarya Deshmukkh, Tanya Puri, Kanchan Shinde Mujumdar, Tanishq Rupchandani, Madhuri Patle, Shivani Bagadia, Neha Brave, Yapoli, Priya Singh Shukla Gupta each brought their unique blend of talent, resilience, and charisma to the stage. The finalists of Mrs India She is India 2023 exemplified not just beauty, but compassion as well. They have taken up the cause of supporting an NGO dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking, demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact on society. In addition to the main winner, the event celebrated the achievements of Shivani Bagadia as 1st Runner Up and Aisshwarya Deshmukkh as 2nd Runner Up, each embodying the spirit of the pageant.
The panel of judges for the 8th Edition of Mrs. India She is India 2023 included Kunal Kapoor, Actor and Founder of Ketto; Dr. Swapna Misra, Director at Fortis and the First Certified International Robotic Gynaecological Surgeon; Noyonita Lodh, Miss Universe India 2015; Bhumika Bahl, Make-up Expert; Richa Singh, Founder of She is India; and Rachel Gupta, Miss Supertalent of the World 2022, each bringing their diverse expertise and perspectives to the evaluation process. Championing the Voice of Power of Change were Aditi Sharma, Mrs. India She is India 2022; Rachel Gupta, reigning Miss Supertalent of the World 2022; Bhumika Bahl, the accomplished Make-up Expert; Ria Wahi, Nutrition Expert and Founder of Guilt-free; Nakshatra, The Logical Astrologist; Shreya Verma, Miss International 2022; and Sanjana Shekharmantri, an Inclusive Model in Pageantry who proudly represents the Plus Size category.
Richa Singh, Founder and Director, She Is India, expressed, “Witnessing the culmination of this extraordinary journey fills my heart with immense pride. She Is India stands as a beacon of empowerment, and every step of this event reaffirms our commitment to nurturing and celebrating the strength and grace of Indian women. The vision that began with a dream has now transformed into a platform that ignites change and empowers women to rewrite their destinies. As we celebrate the winners and their remarkable journeys, we also celebrate the spirit of every participant who took part in this empowering experience.”
There were in total 12 awards were given as per the below list:
S.No.     Category     Winner Name 
1    Mrs. Universe India 2023 (She is India)     Madhuri Patle 
2    1st Runner Up     Shivani Bagadia 
3    2nd Runner Up     Aisshwarya Deshmukkh 
4    She is India Diva     Yapoli 
5    She is India Ketto Queen    Tanya Puri 
6    She is India Style Icon     Madhuri Patle 
7    She is India Super Model    Shivani Bagadia 
8    She is India People’s Choice    Neha Brave
9    Zulfeyn Beautiful Hair     Priya Singh Shukla 
10    P&I Multimedia Award    Tanya Puri 
11    She is India Brave Bold & Beautiful Crowning    Kanchan Shinde Majumdar 
12    Classic Winner    Tanishq Rupchandani 
 This year, a league of accomplished mentors graced the Mrs. India She is India 2023 Pageant, bringing their wealth of experience and expertise to nurture the contestants. Richa Singh, the visionary Founder of She is India, stood as a guiding light, embodying empowerment, and change. Lakshmi Rana, the Founder of Wilderbee Talent Camp, shared her modelling insights, igniting the contestants’ potential. Supreet Bedi brought her wisdom to the stage, while Ishneet Sahani, Founder of Label Ambrosia Couture, infused the event with her creative vision. Ganesh Vyas, the maestro stylist, added finesse to the contestants’ appearances. Nakshatra, The Logical Astrologist, provided a unique dimension to their journey, and Bhumika Bahl, the renowned Make-up Expert, enhanced their beauty with her artistry. Ria Wahi, Nutrition Expert and Founder of Guilt-free, instilled the importance of wellness. Noyonita Lodh, the illustrious Miss India Universe 2015, graced the event as a Jury, and Rachel Gupta, Miss Supertalent of the World 2022, brought her aura of accomplishment, making this pageant an invaluable learning experience for the finalists. Among the distinguished individuals present, Kunal Kapoor, the Actor and Founder of Ketto, held the esteemed position of Chief Guest, while Aditi Sharma, Mrs. India She is India 2022, and Bhumika Bahl, Makeup Expert, added to the event’s significance as Special Guests. Pallavi Singh, Mrs. Universe Divine & Dr. Neha Tyagi Mrs. Universe India 2018 were also among the dignitaries.
The event was proudly supported by esteemed Brand Partners, Including Zulfeyn, the co-powering force; Lable Ambrosia Couture (Official Couture Partner); Ganesh Vyas (Official Style Partner); Guilt Free Nutrition by Ria Wahi (Official Nutrition Partner); Orane International (Official Make-Up Partner); Essru by Punita Dua and Sanya Dua (Official Outfit Partner); Suhana Art & Jewel by Ratika Sud (Official Jewelry Partner); and Pageant & Innovation Magazine, (Official Media Partner).
The finale evening was a showcase of segments that added grandeur to the event. The Red Carpet, National Costume Round, Domestic Violence Forum, Special Addresses & the Walk of Honour, Final Walk, Crowning Ceremony, and a Gala Dinner together wove a narrative of empowerment, unity, and aspiration.

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