The Jan Samvad Yatra in fulswing

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21 Sep, 23 10:18
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The Jan Samvad Yatra in fulswing

Udaipur, The Jan Samvad Yatra, organized by the Janata Sena Rajasthan, reached the Gotipa-Balathal area of the Vallabhnagar Panchayat Samiti region on Friday. During this event, Janata Sena patron and former MLA Randhir Singh Bhinder engaged with the local community, who voiced their concerns and grievances.
One of the major issues highlighted by the residents was the scarcity of drinking water, which has been causing them significant distress. They expressed their frustration at not reaping the benefits of government schemes and requested the establishment of schools in their villages. Additionally, the youth shared their concerns about the lack of playgrounds and proper roads.
Former MLA Randhir Singh Bhinder emphasized that the common people are growing disillusioned with the Congress government. Instead of receiving relief from the increasing cost of living, people are facing difficulties, especially in relief camps. There have been instances of substandard ingredients found in the food grain kits distributed to them. Moreover, the lack of daytime and nighttime electricity supply in rural areas has been a major source of inconvenience.
The demand for opening a Government Secondary School (GSS) in Bagthal was also raised during the yatra.
Deependra Kunwar Bhinder interacted with women during the Jan Samvad Yatra. The women pointed out that while the government has distributed mobile phones, they are still grappling with issues related to roads and water supply in their villages. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs and emphasized the need for essential infrastructure.

Deependra Kunwar Bhinder noted that the Congress government, despite being in power for five years, has failed to address these fundamental issues. While populist schemes have been introduced, the people have not forgotten the challenges they faced over the past five years. He believes that the public will make their sentiments known in the upcoming elections.
The Jan Samvad Yatra continued its journey and reached Sindhi villages of Badgaon, Vijaypura, Badliya, Balathal, Puriyakhedi, Mundol, Vajmia, Gotipa, Ranakuri, and Nawalpura on Friday.
The yatra is scheduled to reach Maharaj Ki Khedi and Karanpur Panchayat on September 2nd. On Saturday, it will visit villages like Bansaliya, Ratanpur ki Sarai, Karanpur, Ambamhuda, Kalimgari, Bhil Basti, Gadriyawas, Deori Mangri, Kanth ka Kuan, Maharaj ki Khedi, and others as it continues to engage with the concerns and aspirations of the local population.

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