"Udaipur's Ark Jain to Play Lead Role in Upcoming Film 'Love All'"

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09 Sep, 23 11:12
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"Udaipur's Ark Jain to Play Lead Role in Upcoming Film 'Love All'"

Udaipur: Ark Jain from Udaipur is set to appear in a lead role in the upcoming Hindi film 'Love All,' scheduled for release on September 1. The 18-year-old Ark, known as a badminton player, was selected for this film. He later received training in acting and now acting has become an integral part of his life alongside sports.
Prior to the film's release, Ark, along with his parents Jaswant Jain and Anjana Jain, spoke with journalists at the Gaania Restaurant and provided detailed information about the film. Ark mentioned that the film features K.K. Menon in the lead role. The film will be released in seven languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali, Odia, and Malayalam. It is slated to be released in over 700 theaters simultaneously. Sudhanshu Sharma is the producer-director of the film.
The film's story revolves around a father and son. K.K. Menon plays the role of the father, while Ark Jain will be seen as the son.
Regarding his selection for the film, Ark shared that auditions were conducted for players across 10-11 cities in the country for two years. A total of 200 auditions were held, from which he was chosen. Auditions were conducted in cities like Chandigarh, Jaipur, Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh, and Mumbai. The entire film was shot in Bhopal for 45 days.
Ark's mother, Anjana Jain, mentioned that Ark has been playing badminton since childhood and she is happy that he is now making a name for himself in the world of acting alongside sports. She mentioned that while it's not possible for everyone, Ark's achievements are the result of his hard work and dedication.
Ark Jain stated that he is just starting out, so he will give importance to both badminton and acting. He believes that if he gets opportunities in the field of acting in line with his emotions, he will pursue it. He has won several awards in national and state-level badminton competitions. His selection for the film came when he participated in a national competition organized in Jaipur. At that time, auditions for the film were taking place. He also participated in the audition, but he didn't even dream of being selected. He only informed his family and friends after he was chosen.
During the press conference, film's producer-director Sudhanshu Sharma and actor K.K. Menon also joined online to answer journalists' questions. They mentioned that Ark possesses the ability to work hard. He can become a good actor alongside being a good player. Ark has a thirst for learning. Sudhanshu mentioned that instead of turning an actor into a player, they have transformed a player into an actor in this film, and that's the uniqueness of the film. It's up to Ark now whether he wants to become a player or an actor. He emphasized that every task requires practice, and so far, Ark has succeeded in this practice. His hard work and dedication will determine his future. Everyone wishes for the success of the film.

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