Promotion of Rajasthan's Bahubali begins

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09 Feb, 23 06:16
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Promotion of Rajasthan's Bahubali begins

Mumbai,  Promotion of the Rajasthan historical film Bahubali produced by Titri Productions was launched at Arya Samaj Auditorium, Kingpark Jaipur.  The film is based on the principle of non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi.  The film has been produced after three years of hard work and its music is heart touching.

  The film will be screened in cinema halls in Rajasthan on February 17.  Shot on Rajasthan's unseen locations , the film has everything we the audience would want to see.  The famous Battle of Haldighati with elephants and horses, filming in Haldighati to claim the reality of history, remarkable lifestyle, Bhagoriya Mela and attractive views of the 12 months flowing waterfall makes this film different.

  There are many more things in Bahubali Rajasthani which will be seen on the big screen for the first time in Rajasthani history.  The film's director Vipin Tiwari, producer Ajay Tiwari, Arya Samaj Sansthan's charge Ravi Nayyar, Shakun Advertising's director Gokul Mahadas Cheshwari, Jaipur International Group of Schools's Kahe Jaisingh, Ada Export's director Keshav Shukla are present on this spot.  The current film is being directed by Vipin, impressed by the idea of the victory of non-violence over violence. Famous Gandhi follower Mama Baleshwar Dayal had advised making a film on this subject two decades back. The role of Sutradhar in the film has been taken from him. 

Exactly 70 kilometres away is the Ogna Dam made of clay in Jhadol tehsil. The reservoir flowing for 12 months in Ramkunda amidst the panoramic mike in the foothills of the mountains is pleasing to the eyes. Ever since the shooting of the film, tourists have started roaming here.  The battle of Haldighati with the five avengers of Maharana Pratap has been recreated realistically in Haldighati in collaboration with the Maharana Pratap Foundation.  The heroic saga of Haldighati is depicted for the first time in Veer Ras, shot in a grand manner with elephants, horses and hundreds of soldiers.  Untouched aspects like the traditional lifestyle of the tribals of Rajasthan and marriage will be seen in this film.

 The film stars Amitabh Tiwari, Pari Sharma, Vaani, Shivraj Gurjar, Deepak Meena, Shravan Sagar, Sangeeta Chowdhary and Kshitij Kumar in important roles.

  *Cast & Credits*

  Writer Vipin Tiwari, Producer Ajay Kumar Tiwari, Composer Nizam Khan, Cinematographer Baljit Goswami, Gupta Shailendra Singh, Director Director Seeshanraj Banka, Choreographer Kumar Kohli-Ghanshyam Mahawar, Guilty Director Anil Saini, Ajay Trivedi, Rahul Singh Bisht.

 Amitabh Tiwari Pari Sharma, Vani, Deepak Meena, Shivraj Gurjar, Shravan Sagar, Urukram Sharma, Sangeeta Chowdhary, Vijayalakshmi, Dr. Tulika Gupta, Mahesh Rajasthani, Sandeep Sharma, Monu Sharma, Manish Sharma, Vishisht Gurjar, Ramavatar Gurjar, Rajesh Bhargava, Jagdish  Gurjar, Bhavna Prajapat, Prakash Bhil, Kumkum Mewari, Vinod Sharma, Asha Suthar, Shyam Sharma, Chogalal Bhil.

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