Democracy Suffers Due to Incompetency of Congress

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24 Jun, 22 08:47
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- Lalit Garg -

Democracy Suffers Due to Incompetency of Congress

It is very unfortunate that a very first historical political party enjoyed the power as central government for long span of time but due to arrogance of being the largest political party of the country, the kind of change is being seen in the character of Congress, instead of honesty, loyalty and dedication among the Congress workers and leaders. But the competition to justify the wrong, the kind of power-shows being done to justify the scars on his character, is a sign of great trouble for the nation. The big question is that why is there a panic in the Congress when the Enforcement Directorate summons Rahul and Sonia Gandhi for questioning? Contradictory is the attitude of the Congress, its leaders and workers, which is unnecessarily targeting the Modi government, while forgetting that the National Herald case reached the court when the UPA government was in power. The allegations against the top leaders of the Congress party regarding corruption should be answered by constitutional means and not by agitation by displaying their political power. It is being seen for the first time in the country that there have been many movements against corruption, but this is the first movement in favour of corruption. What could be a more unfortunate situation than this?

Rahul Gandhi is the MP of this country, the supreme leader of the party. When the ED summoned him, he should present his side before the ED officials. After that the law will take its course. The law of India is so strong that here the innocent are never punished. The facts that will come out through the legal process, the people of the country will also be able to know the truth. This is the time for the Congress party and its leaders to wash the stains on their character and reveal the truth. This is the same Congress party which has raised question marks on constitutional institutions from time to time and who ruled the country for a long time, now they are facing serious allegations of corruption, so why are they scared of investigating agencies? Why is it running away from constitutional challenges? After all, what do they want to hide? Those who call themselves the oldest political party, are they working today not to save democracy but to save the assets of the Gandhi family worth Rs 2,000 crores? All this raises a question mark in itself and it seems that there is something fishy.

Congress workers and leaders are flooded with so-called revolutionary ideas, but the reward of living and transparency is missing. The effective promises of Congress leaders from their forums have been putting dreams, ideals in the hands of the people but they have not been able to capture the truth of life. This supreme political party has been occupying power by chanting against corruption, but as soon as it came to power, it became engrossed in corruption. The party has been lying in the corridors of supreme politics and has been seeing stains in strangers. The party has been playing tricks to make lies come true and sometimes has been creating a daring drama to expose lies. But the worrying question is whether this intellectual and political struggle of the party keeps the credibility and security of the ideals of India?

The way Congress leaders-workers took to the streets in Delhi as well as in other parts of the country during the National Herald case to appear before the Enforcement Directorate of Rahul Gandhi, trying to send a message that their leader was being persecuted, He is being implicated in false allegations, Congress hardly gets anything from it, but doubts are being proved on his image. The answers given by the Congress to the questions raised on this matter, which have been surrounded by controversies and doubts for a long time, are not satisfactory. In this case, it cannot be overlooked that the process of selling Associate Journal Ltd., having assets of thousands of crores to Young India, does not seem to be as fair as is being told by the Congress.

The first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had a role in Associate Journal Limited, formed for the publication of newspapers during the freedom struggle, but he did not own the company. The shareholders of this company included about five thousand freedom fighters. There was no concrete answer from the Congress as to how the ownership of this company was passed on to the Young India Company, in which Sonia and Rahul Gandhi hold 76 per cent stake and the rest to the leaders close to them, without the permission of the shareholders. After all, the ED wants the disclosure of such doubts, why not Rahul clear the facts by answering the questions of partnership pattern, financial transactions, role of promoters and alleged transfer of money of Young India Company and Associate Journal Ltd. Congress leaders should also not lose sight of the fact that Rahul and Sonia Gandhi are out on bail in this case. The Congress leaders, who are making noise that the Modi government is using the central agency to harass Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, better remember that the Supreme Court has refused to grant them relief in this matter.

There is a motto in the national emblem of India - 'Satyamev Jayate'. The instability and immaturity of thoughts and resolutions give rise to greed and selfishness. In the nation, not only the common citizens, but also the feet of the leaders easily move towards the slippery path of untruth and then our motto becomes a mockery. A mockery is also made when it is used by Congressmen to cover up corruption and crimes. Therefore, legislative change of political thoughts and resolutions is necessary; otherwise the decisive role of construction cannot be played. Thoughts imposed by force and accepted rules and regulations out of compulsion or fear cannot become fruitful. If the law demands proof of truth and the witnesses are brought false, then who can save the innocent from being hanged? How can truth be respected? How to become a national character?

The Congress, which shows the direction to the country and the people, itself has gone astray. It is a disgrace that the protest of Congress leaders is openly coming out as a tactic to put pressure on the country's highest investigative agency. It is a very clear fact that the National Herald case of the Congress party is not a political matter, it is a legal matter related to corruption and in such cases the politics of strikes &!demonstration does not work. If Sonia and Rahul Gandhi feel that the Enforcement Directorate has no right to interrogate them, then they should have gone to court instead of taking their leaders out on the streets. It is a strange and tragic development of the Congress party that they are trying to show that they are above the rules and regulations.

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