Liberation from lym- phoma cancer

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08 May, 22 10:02
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Liberation from lym- phoma cancer

Udaipur: A 55-year-old woman battling a serious cancer-like illness has gotten rid ofthediseaseafterbeingtreated at the Pacific Medical College and Hospital, Bhioka Bedla. The patient was diagnosed with lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, due to lymphomaintheeye.Thepatient's vision was lost, but due to the precise treatment of experienceddoctorManojMahajan, the patient has been completely cured. The patient's eye has been cured without any surgery. There is good news for everyone. Complete treatmenthasbeendoneunder the Bhamashah scheme. Dr. Manoj Mahajan, an oncologist at Pacific Medical CollegeandHospital, saidthat when the patient first came for consultation, it had been two years after taking treatment here and there, and with time, theconditionofthepatientwas getting worse. The eyes had become less visible as the swellingincreased.Depending on the age and disease of the patient, two procedures, radiationortargetedtherapy,could be used for the treatment of lymphoma. Targeted elimination CD20 in the disease therapy was selected. After eight months of treatment, the patient has completely recoveredandcanseeclearly inthe eyes. No surgery has been done to cure the patient. Mahajan said that 5 - 10 percentofthetotalcancerpatients are affected by lymphoma. This is a kind of lump that can occur in any part of the body and, in the future, can take the form of blood cancer. By getting diagnosed on time and starting treatment, the life of patients in the fourth stage of thisdiseasecanalsobesaved. Thepatientandfamilysaidthat before Dr. Mahajan's treatment, they had lost their eyesight and hope of life, but they were right. Due to the treatment, the eyesight has returned, and the disease has also ended. Due to the availability of such treatment facilities in South Rajasthan,

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