Modi's Influential Speech Boost Confidence in J & K

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08 May, 22 09:36
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- Lalit Garg

Modi's Influential Speech Boost Confidence in J & K

The gaze of the countrywasontherecent visitofPrimeMinister Narendra Modi to Jammu and Kashmir because he reached thesoilof JammuandKashmir for the first time after the abrogation of Article 370. His visit has given many positive messagesandhasbecomeamedium of peace and development. Certainly his journey hasbecomethecauseofanew atmosphere in this province. Jammu and Kashmir is the jewel of our country which, unless it is integrated with the wholeofIndia,theenvironment of peace, terrorism and developmentdoesnot visiblethere; ithasbeenseenasincomplete. That is why it is important to connect it with the rest of India ineverywayandthisworkhas beendonebyModiandhisgovernment. Certainly a new era has started there. For this, on the occasion of Panchayat Day in Jammu, Modi not onl y addressedthePanchayatofficials across the country, but also laid the foundation stone and inaugurated various schemes and projects of this union territory and also gave this message to the people of Kashmir and Ladakh that the Government of India is committedtoprotecttheirinterests. It should be ourresolve to rectify the mistakes of the past and take steps carefully in building the future. Modi has expressedthis resolutioninhis speech in Samba. Giving details of the work done in Jammu and Kashmir, Narendra Modi also underlined that how development and public welfare works are being done rapidly. Not only development plans are molding into shape, but there has been an atmosphere of peace and harmony, terrorist incidents have also been controlled. SincetheModigovernment came, the development of JammuandKashmirhasbeen carried forward in a phased manner. At the right time, the centralgovernmenthasshown thesamedeterminationtocurb terrorismandfulfilltheremaining desired tasks as it was shown while removing Article 370 and gave a message to the world along with the country that no one's interference in Kashmir is acceptable. Kashmir is the crown of India and always will be. Modi's visit to Kashmir assumes significance as the peopletherehaveseenpeace and development come true after coming a long way in the jungleofcommunalism,nationalfragmentation,terrorismand scams. His mentality was injured and the faith on which histhinkingwasbasedhasalso been shaken. In the midst of these situations, Modi particularlyattractedtheattentionof thepeoplethere,especiallythe youth, with the words that you willneverhavetofacethetroubles that your parents, grandparents had to face. He clearly said that he would fulfill his promise. It is hoped that these words of his will have a positive effect.Anyway, in the past few years, there have been many such developmental works, which were not done before. Developmentplansaretaking shape rapidly, including investments from abroad. It is also worth noting that the delegation accompanying the Prime Minister also included top business leaders from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an important member country of the Muslim bloc, who are takingspecial interestininvesting in Jammu and Kashmir. It is being said that UAE companies are going to invest more than 3000 crores there. Thiswillcertainlybeanewthing for Jammu and Kashmir. Through all this, the government has tried to give a message that a new chapter of democracy and development is being written in Jammu and Kashmir with peace and harmony.Elements tryingtokeep Jammu and Kashmir in a disturbed and sensitive area are the most troubled by such messages. Prime Minister Modi's addressisalightinPalli,asmall village in the Samba region of Jammu. Resolve to establish peace. The public is assured of development and moving towards a terror-free life. The maturityofunderstandingand harmony is visible in the change being experienced in the mind-set of the common peoplethere.Modi'svisitistaking place at a time when this province is coming out from battling various challenges. There is no such great personality on the political stage there that can save the province from the confusion. There is a loss of trust in the so called narrow and prejudicedleadership;attentionhas tobepaidtohowhonest,modern and nationalist thinking and welfare outlook can emerge. Modi's visitwillplayadecisive role in this direction. Undoubtedly,alothaschanged in Jammu and Kashmir since the abrogation of Article 370 and this change is also visible, but a lot remains to be done.Theevents thatarehappening are not indicating auspicious. The unrest in the Valley,thedesperateactivities of terrorists, eve-teasing from acrosstheborder-thesespeak a lot. There will be assembly elections sooner or later and possibly after the completion of the delimitation process, but before the elections are held, the challenge of putting a stop to terrorism completely will also have to be overcome. Even after the elimination ofalltheterrorists,theway terrorist incidents are happening in Kashmir, due to which the return of Kashmiri Hindus is not possible at the moment. Whatever has to be done, this work has to be made possible, because only then the messagewillbesenttotheterrorists and their supporters that their pulse is not going to rot. It would also be appropriate to reserve some seats in the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly for Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs. Modi's visit to Jammu has brought many lights. This visit is like rays of light for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir as well as the people outside expressing concern over the situation here, it is auspicious and preferable. The fact also came to the fore that a major task of bringingdemocracytolifeinthestate was accomplished in the meanwhile without any hustle and bustle. Th e Pri m e M i n i s te r launched development projects worth over Rs 20000 croreontheoccasion.Thefact given by Lieutenant Governor of Jammu andKashmir Manoj Sinha is more relevant in this casethatinthelast sixmonths, 80 lakh tourists have come to the state. However, there has been an old series of troubles with Jammu and Kashmir. Thedemocraticrightsofthe people are also under question especially after the abrogation of special status under Article370.President'srulehas been going on continuously since 2018. In such a situation, the real test of the government's claims regarding peace and development has to be done by the fact that how soon after the assembly electionsareheld,theelectedgovernment is handed over the responsibility of governance and the general democratic environmentisprovidedtothe people. The greatness of India lies in its diversity. The game of communalism and party politics has been stabbing it in the back of unity in diversity; the valley is bleeding as its symbol. When we are moving towardsbecominganewIndia - a strong India, we are going to become the biggest economic market of the world, we are going to prepare the role of becoming a world power, then our Jammu and Kashmir should be divided from caste, religion and selfish politics. The biggest need is to get out. The efforts of the Modi government in moving the valley in this direction are commendable. Neighbors are taking advantageoftheweakpolitics and communal urges of the Valley,whose own feet are not on the ground. Now it is not happening, it is a sign of the rigidity and empowerment of the Centre. Leaders of the nation! Quit fightingeachother.If youwant to show your attitude, then show to the enemies of the country.

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