Lord Mahavira : A Symbol of SelfRealization

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08 May, 22 08:41
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- Lalit Garg

Lord Mahavira : A Symbol of SelfRealization

The entire life of Mahavira isalivinginspirationfortherise of self and other. He has illuminated millions and millions of people with his aura of positivity. Therefore becoming a Mahavira is a symbol of the meaning of life. To become a Mahavira means to lead a healthy life, to develop immunity, to illuminate the soul and become a person who is selfreliant.Everyyearwecelebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira,butthisyearthebirth anniversary has to be purposeful,notmereplanning.For this, every person should do spiritual practice to look within himself; Mahavira is not only worshiped, but should be imbibed in life. It is necessary thatweinculcatetheteachings given by Mahavira in our life and practice. Every person prepares to becomeaMahavira,thenonly one can get rid of problems. Mahavira can only become a person who is completely devoted to the goal, whose lifestyle is restrained and disciplined, who has the capacity to bear the sufferings. One who can maintain equanimity, restraint and balance even in adversecircumstances,which is ready topracticesilenceand heat the body. In whose mind thereisafeelingofcoexistence towards the whole being. One who not only knows how to change his destiny through effort, but also wishes for a bright future for the entire humanity. Mahavira was born centuries ago, but his life and teachings are more effective and relevant in today's time of crisis and many diseases. Mahavira is a wave of healthevolution, a smokeless crest ofhealthy life-light.Thereisan unnamedriverof courageand restraint. There was a hint of eternity in his dialogues. His lifestyle was so dominant that he would have been bound by a once-living.There was such brilliance in his eyes that the one who saw him once could not forget. There was such an invitationinhiscallforahealthy lifethatit couldnotbeignored. His guidance was so perfect that the one who found him could never go astray. His presencewas soinspiringthat onewouldgettransformed.He said 'appana sacchameseja' - find the truth yourself. He did not make anyone run with the help of crutches. If you have the ability to walk on yourfeet, then you can walk whenever you want and reach wherever you want. He not only illuminated the way, but also created the inner light. These are all the reasons that remind us of Mahavira. Mahavira believed in a healthy life.They livedontheir own. He also taught others to liveby themselves.Theywere healthy. No disease could touch him. He gave many sourcesofhealth.Oneofthem was theformula–Kayotsarga. Kayotsarga means purification of the body, maintenance ofthebody,purityandrestraint towards the body.Kayotsarga isalsothestartingpointof sadhana and it is also the final point. This is the first understandingofhealthandthefinal conclusion. It is the shield for emergency situations involving the body. It is the use of stress-immersion and is free from all sorrows. Mahavira's sadhana period lasted twelve and a half years. In it he repeatedly used kayotsarga.Thewearerofprotective armor or bulletproof jacket does not have the fear of being shot, similarly after going into deep Kayotsarga, theeffectofadverseconditions of major diseases and deadly and life-threatening attacks is attenuated. Like Mahavira, onewhopracticesKayotsarga becomes healthy-hearted, becomes light and can lead a happy life by being absorbed in expansive meditation. The person who wants to get rid of various kinds of diseases, wants to become healthy and has to take medicineintheformofKayotsarga. Mahavira had the science of medicine whose constituent elements are not mentioned in medical science, he gave such an unfading system of health, which is as easy as it is difficult. Kayotsarga is a type of penance. In which physical restlessness and a n g e r e t c . h a v e to b e immersed. The focus has to be on the breath. Is the mind fickleortherestlessnessofthe mind is the mind. On the basis of this concept, it seems difficult to stop the restlessness of the mind. In th e p r a c ti c e o f Kayotsarga, words like relaxation, shavasanaorrelaxation for the body are used. Kayotsargaissuchadoor,from where one can get a glimpse of the soul, a feeling of existence apart from the gross body. In Kayotsarga, the body and mind get complete relaxation. There are many misconceptions about Jainism in thepublic. Jainismisareligion that hurts the body. Mahavira talks of giving rest to the body. How can the principle of suffering be valid in such a situation?Anyausterityorpenance does not mean to cause pain to the body, but to cultivate the body.Themindcannotbecontrolled without the body. Therefore, through yogic processes, a way has been made to cultivate the body. Kayotsarga has a special significance in the field of spirituality. Its usefulness in medicalscienceisalsoundeniable. Kayotsargaalsoplaysabigrole in various investigations done by the modern equipment of medicalscience.Ineverymedical examination, it is advised to leave the body a little loose and slow down the breathing, it is said to leave the mouth loose even during the extraction of teeth. In case of high blood pressure, it can be bala n c e d b y k a y o ts a r g a . Unbalancedlifestyleandstress are the major problems of this time. Small and big, rich and poor, everyone is surrounded by this tension. This is a problem for which doctors do not even have a cure.Kayotsarga can be a permanent solution to the problem of stress and fear. If Kayotsarga is done regularly, then there will be no leave for tension and fear to arise. Through Kayotsarga, bothbodyandmindcanbekept healthy.Kayotsargaisamantra for self-meditation,inthesame way, health is also a mantra for spiritual practice. In modernlife,thepracticeof silence, mantracultivationandrestraint is very useful. Silence gives rest,happinesscomes.Butthe glory of silence that is accompanied by Kayotsarga is different. Be it silence, meditation, fasting or any other restraint ritual, all have a useful place in getting rid of diseases.Those who want physical,mentalandspiritualhealth, want to avoid epidemics and diseases,they shouldusethis great mantra Kayotsarga of Mahavira.Kayotsargaismedicine and highway to health. Anyonefollowingthis canlead a healthy life. Lord Mahavira is truly a shining beam of light and the founder of universal religion. He is the savior of the human mindofthis creation.Mahavira had given maximum emphasis on fasting, restraint and character.Mahavira'sentirelife is the culmination of austerity and meditation, so he is selfmotivated.Theteachingsofthe Lordarelife-givinginwhichthe solution of life's problems is contained. Lord Mahavira is Chinmaya Deepak (a lamp that has the never lasting illumination light) The lamp removes thedarkness,butthe usefulness of the Chinmaya lamp to defeat the darkness of ignorance is undeniable. In fact, Mahavira's discourses and teachings are millions of beams of light. In order to be floodedwith the rays of knowledge, it is necessary to immerseinthem,only thenwill we be able to move towards a healthy life.

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