Gehlot only will remain first servant and emperor of Rajasthan.......Rajasthan will never become Punjab

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29 Sep, 21 10:11
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-Gopendra Nath Bhatt

Gehlot only will remain first servant and emperor of Rajasthan.......Rajasthan will never become Punjab

Bhartiya Janta Party has recently made a strange face like Bhupendra Patel, changed all the ministers ofVijay Rupani’s councilofministersandimplemented ‘Kamraj Plan’. On the same lines Congress too has made his powerful chief minister Captain Amrinder Singh to resign and crowned new chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi a choice of Navjot Singh Sidhu using scheduled caste(SC) card.Afterthispolitical turmoil all eyes are set on congress governments of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Against both the chief ministers of these states Ashok Gehlot and Bhupesh Baghel, leaders of their own party and MLAsofaparticulargrouphave raisedthevoiceofprotest.The dissident group is demanding to implement a two and half a year old formula.According to political sources there is a big differenceingroundlevel conditionsinRajsthanandPunjab. Gehlothasgot supportofthree fourth MLAs, so it does not seem that Rajasthan will ever become Punjab and the first servant and emperor will only be Ashok Gehlot. Sonia’s telephonic talkwith GehlotandRahul’s&Priyanka meeting with Sachin. Amidst this telephonic tald of Sonia Gandhi with Gehlot and meeting of Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka with Sachin indicates to new political indications, but currently there is no dangertoGehlot’s chair being envisaged.Despitethatmeeting of former chief minister SachinPilotwithRahulGandhi on last September 17 & last Friday have once again heated up mercury in politics of Rajasthan. Prior to meeting withPilot,RahulalsohadfeedbackfromRehanaRiyaz,president, Rajasthan Women Congress. Pilot group is said to be quite happy and active with this. His supporters hope to have good days. At the same time Pilot rebelling with the party and returning to the mainstream, his fresh meeting with Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka has alerted his opponents. Although detailsofthismeetinghavenot been made public, but the glazeonthefacesofPilot supportersindicatessomechange in Rajasthan. However, political experts do not see a big change in Rajasthan like Punjab, but it is definitely assumed that very soon Pilot supporters may get participation in Gehlot ministry and an apt representation in political appointments.Simultaneously, Sachin may once again be entrustedwiththeresponsibility of deputy chief minister and reigns of state congress. However,Pilot himself and his supporters wish to see him as chief minister. In Rajasthan also there should be change in leadership as congress could make government in Rajasthan owingtothehardlabourofPilot. He said that if Pilot becomes CM,partywillbebenefitedwith it. *Wh e n Ra j a s th a n Operation begins* Political experts say that afterthePunjaboperationnow preparations on ‘Operation Rajastahn’ have commenced and begun with the meeting of SachinPiotwithRahulGandhi. With this meeting many politica speculations are in the air. Afterrevoltingagainsttheparty, Sachin Pilot has met Rahul Gandhi for the first time duringthelastoneyear.Congress sources claim that there have been talks on three issues. Firstly, change jn Rajasthan organization, secondly thorough change in Gehlot ministry and third one the issue of future role of Pilot. Pilot supporters claim that Pilot will again be made president of state congress. At the time there may be a major reshuffle in the Gehlot ministry and the organization. Pilot supporters also claim that the partyhighcommandwishes to make a new council of ministers by dissolving all the ministers Gehlot’s council of ministers. For this party is awaiting the recovery of Gehlot's health of Gehlot and resuming of his regular working. Accordingtopoliticalsource it is now assumed sure to find the place for Sachin Pilot supporters in Government as well in the partyorganization,butstillserious contemplations is on in view of role of Sachin. It is said that party high command is thinking that whethertofieldPilotrightaway orto wait for another one year. *Tweets of OSD Lokesh Sharma increases difficulties of Gehlot* Here Tweets of OSD L o k e s h Sh a r m a h a v e increaseddifficultiesofGehlot. At the time of Captain Amarindra Singh Lokesh Sharma had taunted that a strong person is being compelled. When fence is engulfingthecrop…howwillthecrop besaved?Althoughcontrolling thedamagewell intimeGehlot made Lokesh Sharma resign. In last few days the kind of tussle in the politics of ruling congress between chief ministerAshokGehlotandgroups of former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot on restructuring of ministry and party organization and visits of ambassadorsofpartyhighcommand one after another, many speculationswereintheair,butultimately it was inferred that the first servant and real emperor in the politics of Rajasthan is AshokGehlotonly.Gehlotalso proved that one can become akinginpoliticswiththespeed of a lion and not with the pace of a tiger. It always remains at the back of his mind the quote ofoldleaderlateHaridev Joshi that to achieve the target to become a player of the long raceinpolitics,insteadofhaste the trust of leadership can be acquired by being steady and decent. Possibly he would have given this Mantra (tip) to Sachin Pilot, but in a haste to reachatthetopofheightsPilot mounted a lot of pressure by campingatDelhi.WhileAshok Gehlot without coming out of his chief minister bungalow in civil lines, Jaipurrevealed that his sizeis veryhighintheparty andhighcommandgivesmore leverage to him as compared to anyone. Gehlot in strongly brought to the notice of the high commandthatbeingstatecongress and deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot rebelled with his dissidentgroupandtriedtotopple the state government and challenged sovereignty of the high command. Gehlot clearly indicated to the high command that good message will not be passed by giving leverage to the rebellious MLAs to represent in power and organizationoverindependentand legislatures joined congress fromBahujanSamajwadiParty (BSP)tosavegovernment.He has expressed his consent overfillingofninepositionsand extension of the ministry. Owing to simple, descent, somber, glorious and discrete decisions he is regarded as a ground level stern leader and so only known as ‘Gandhi of Rajasthan’. In his long innings in at many occasions has exhibited his wizardry central leadershipdoesnottolosehim and political pundits assumed that changes in the power and organization will as wished by Genlot, and if it doesn’t happen,thesituationslikemidterm poll in the state before elections in Uttar Pradesh (UP). *Rahul Gandhi will play a vital role to settle Rajasthan dispute* It is a matter of discussion in political circles that after Punjab, Rahul Gandhi in consultations with Sonia Gandhi & Priyanka is going to play a bigroleinsettlingtheRajasthan dispute. It is said that after his visit to Himachal Pradesh at the end of this month will settle theGehlot-Sachin clash. In present situations he does not wishtostakebothexperienced and young leaders .According toreliablepartysources,Rahul Ganddhi wishes to strengthen congress party power to threetofour states tohaverepresentationofworkersofallcategories in power-building. As perexperts,duringNavratrifestival there may be extension and changes in ministry and political appointments. Sources say that the list of politicalappointments is ready and has reached Delhi. However, the list has not been decided. For this once again discussionsbetweenchiefminister Ashok Gehlot. State in chargeAjayMaken, statecongresspresidentandstateminister for education Govind Singh Dotasara wil be held to finalize the same. It is said that RahulGandhi is unhappy for not getting participation of the workers in the power, but Curtailing down all these controversies, weather of this desert state is likely to be pleasant. Gehlot only will remain emperor of Rajasthan- additional text In recent affairs during one week it has been a second meeting of Sachin Pilot with Rahul Gandhi last Friday in Delhi. He also met Priyanka. Simultaneously, Dr. Raghu Sharma, health minister, also reached Delhi on a call from RahulGandhi.Hehasalsomet with Venugopal, MP and in charge of Rajasthan. Prior to that former speaker of the legislative assemblyDr.CPJoshi also called on Venugopal at Delhi. Harish Chaudhary, revenue minister of the state and Bhanwar Jitendra Singh etc. are also in touch with Rahul and Priyanka. Ever yday some new humorous satires and counterfeitsareinviewr.Everybody isbusymakingtheirlobby firm. It is said that now senior congressleaderDigvijaySinghwill also gauge the minds of ministers, MLAs and party office bearers. Prior to this former stateinchargeAjayMakanand Venugopal etc. having completed their tast have already submitted their report to the high command. Hence, what kind of political outcome will be there nobody knows.. it is a matter of high discussion that will therebeanewfaceofthechief minister of Rajasthan on the lines of Punjab ignoring the power of Ashok Gehlot?

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