Vice Chancellor of Social Concerns : Prof. Amarika Singh

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31 May, 21 06:58
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Service concern of a vice chancellor of the state : At his own expense, every month the destitute are given enough food and affection.

Vice Chancellor of Social Concerns : Prof. Amarika Singh


A wonderful example of human values: Vice-Chancellor Prof. Amarika Singh has been providing food for nearly 300 poor’s every month for the last several months.

The Vice Chancellor of MLSU is offering free food at the expense of 300 people every month in the Ashadham Sanstha, which manages the essence of the poor, helpless, destitute, mentally retarded, destitute and elderly of the Udaipur division.

Your sense of human service gives satisfaction to your mind. Every person should do the best in human life: VC Prof. Amarika Singh

Udaipur. From the vice-chancellor secretariat to the governor's secretariat, the word "vice-chancellor" has left the impression of us all being head of the university in the system of higher education. But the vice-chancellor of a university of the state, Prof. Amarika Singh Apart from being the head of University, the religion of human sentiment is also doing well. Then, whether it is about the academic excellence of the university or the work of community service, Prof. Singh has set an exemplary example. As the Vice Chancellor he has established a wonderful example of human values and community service by arranging free food donations for 300 poor, helpless, destitute, mentally retarded, destitute and elderly people at Ashaadham institution regularly for the past several months. Prof. Singh is continuing this food service of Ashaadham. The Vice Chancellor, along with the family, meets the destitute every month with affinity and tries to find out their problems. Like a family, the patriarch himself feeds them with love and affection and spends his time with them; this affection has created an emotional connection. The local destitute of Ashadham eagerly await their arrival and share their grief and pain with them. The efforts of Prof. Singh to bring food have brought joy to the faces of innumerable destitute every month and people have been waiting for Prof. Singh.

Sister Daniel, the institute's administrator, said that the institute has been raising homeless women and men from home for more than two and a half decades. Currently, more than 250 people are residing here. He called Prof. Thanking Singh for his generosity; he said that the Vice-Chancellor has taken up the responsibility of including these destitute in the mainstream of the society. By becoming the support of destitute Persons, Prof. Singh has given him emotional support. Many such people, who are struggling with mood swings, have different talents hidden in them which can be improved through re-attempt. A few months ago, visiting Vice-Chancellor Professor Amarika Singh Ashadham, looking at the helpless destitute hungry there, he thought of taking up the responsibility of arranging food for them. Since that day, he has continued this work at his own expense.

"Prof. Singh said that in his personal life his family values have provided inspiration to always put human services on priority. We should devote our human life to helping others. We must coordinate human values in Peshawar and social life. Must be established. Your sense of belonging towards someone brings satisfaction to both your body and mind. Every person has a social obligation towards his human society, who should sincerely fulfill them. Started for the destitute in the hope this free food system will also continue in the future. To realize the vision of a civilized human society, it is necessary to include such helpless people in the mainstream of society. "

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