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Glorious Royal,Natural Beauty with Adventure ! Attract Tourists in Udaipur

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14 Apr, 21 06:49
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- Dr. Prabhat Kumar Singhal

Glorious Royal,Natural Beauty with Adventure ! Attract Tourists in Udaipur

Udaipur can be one of the perfect destinations for those planning their honeymoon in India, Enriched with beautiful culture and a lot of other things, Udaipur promises an absolutely royal honeymoon for the newlyweds. As the state of Rajasthan itself bears testimony to the reign of different Maharajas, this ‘city of lakes’ is also home to several architectural remnants of the era. So, isn’t it a perfect place for you and your partner to explore life the royal families once lived. Honeymoon Destination in Udaipur. Specially Sunset Terrace (Witness the Stunning Sunset) , Lake Pichola (Take A Romantic Boat Ride), Ambrai Ghat (For A Romantic Night), Camel Safari (Witness The Beauty Of Desert), Paragliding (Fly With Your Loved One), Manek Chowk(Mewar Light And Sound Show), Historical Sites (Know About The Glorious Past) ,Shilpgram (Head Off To The Countryside), Jag Mandir (A Romantic Stay), Fateh Sagar Lake (Sunset Ferry Ride), Crystal Gallery (Witness The Ancient Crystal Products), Palace Garage (For Idyllic Vintage Cars), Jagdish Temple (For Praying Your Hearts Out).There’s a hard-to-find kind of romance, peacefulness, and so many romantic things to do in Udaipur that attract people in love. Among various tourist places now a days there are so many Adventures activities, which attract the tourists who want to do some new and memorebal experience. Here my Focus is on those activities. To explore this city around Bicycle and Trekking are common Activities. With Bicycle You can also cover the stunning landscapes along with the three lakes namely Pichola, Fateh Sagar, and Bad. It would be a wonderful experience to explore the rural countryside and the historic capital of Mewar at your own pace. You can get various agencies and individual people who lend bicycles to tourists. Most of the bicycles come with 21-speed bikes along with the helmets. TREKKING The trails lead to the villages where locals reside and they still have retained their culture and traditions. You can interact with them can learn more about their way of living, folklore, culture, traditions, and more. While trekking, you will enjoy the stunning backdrop and scenic view of the adjacent area.With Aravalli range as the backdrop, there are many trekking trails spread throughout the range. One can opt for an easy or difficult trail depending on their experience between 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM at Aravalli Ranges. HORSE RIDE When you are in the city of Palaces and Lakes, availing a horse ride will take you back to the days of kings. You can also take a horse ride to visit the wildlife sanctuary. Many such families offer this service to the tourists and that too at a very reasonable price. Most of the visitors are highly moved by their hospitality and services. Moreover, visiting a royal city and not trying out this royal activity is a big miss. If you avail of a 2-hour horse ride, you can explore the most important parts of it. Princess trail is an Indo- European family business that is mainly provided to entertain the guests in the best possible manner. Horses can get from Boheda Haveli, Near Lake Palace Road, Udaipur, India. PARAGLIDING Paragliding is very popular adventure activity to indulge in when in Udaipur. Fly over the scenic backdrop of Aravalli Ranges, the grand monuments, and the lakes. It is one of its kind of experience that one shouldn’t miss when visiting Udaipur. If you are with your partner, you can also opt to fly together to have some amazing moments together. You will be provided with a brief training about the same by the experts and while you will be flying over, there will be a person escorting you and guiding you on how to enjoy the moments, and when to land. From Chittrkoot Nagar you can obtain this fecilities 6.00 AM to 6.00 PM. ROPEWAY RIDE It is also one of the common adventure activities, you can still count on it if you don’t fear heights. On the ropeway, you can view the city of lakes differently and beautifully. You will witness the panoramic beauty of the lakes, palaces, forts, and the view of Aravalli Mountain. If you are a fan of seeing things from a bird’s eye view, this is an adventure for you.Karni Mata Ropeway near DUDH TALAI is the only place where you can experience this. It connect the Karni Mata Temple, which is very popular as a pilgrimage place to the historical palaces of Udaipur on top of the hill. Ropeway ride fecilitiy from 9:00 AM to 8:15 PM is avelleble from Deen Dayal Park, Doodh Talai, Udaipur. HOT AIR BALLON Hot Air Balloon is one of the enriching adventure experiences you can have here in Udaipur. While flying, you will witness the entire city in just one sight, the lakes with glistening sun rays on them, the palaces, and everything colourful. You will have about 50 minutes of the ride that will be enough the inhale and store the beauty of the magical city in your mind. Tour operators and Hotels manage it. HELECOPTER JOYRIDE To surprise your spouse for your wedding anniversary or memorebal honeymoon tripYou can also opt for this famous and adventurous activity. In possession of some of the most beautiful palaces, dream lakes, and backdrops of Aravalli Ranges, Udaipur is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. Witnessing its beauty from the top like a bird’s eye view is something exhilarating. Get a sneak peek of the map of the entire city from the top and fly through the lakes, taking your adventure sports itinerary a little further. This fecilitiy can obtain from 10.00AM to 6.00PM at Near Pratap Gaurav Kendra, Badgaon,Udaipur. CAMEL SAFARI Tourists who cannot have a long desert trip, a short one will be enough fulfilling. Riding over the “ship of the desert” is nothing like riding in a car or a jeep. It is an entirely different experience and you will explore nearby lakes and palaces in Udaipur. As Udaipur is situated close to the desert area, trying out camel safari can be a soothing adventure activity. There are organizers, agents and even individual people who can arrange the trip for you. NIGHT CAMPING One of the unique and luxurious adventure activities to indulge in your trip to Udaipur is by camping at night. You can spend your night away close to nature which is raw and beautiful. The camping facilities are provided by the agents and hotels, you will get all the needed amenities along with other luxurious events. You will enjoy barbequed food, folk songs by locals, and dance performances. The location too will be varied depending on the hotel you are staying at. Boating, Swimming, Replling and some other activities are also in supper Deluxe hotels and resorts. The city of lakes has always been a very popular vacation spot, for honey couples, art lovers, and celebrities alike. If you come Udaipur and explore the adventurous activities, can choose it as per your budget and convenience. Udaipur was founded in 1553 by Maharana Udai Singh II as the new capital of Mewar Kingdom. It is located in the fertile, circular Girwa Valley to the southwest of Nagda, which was the first capital of Mewar.

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