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Litterateur,Poets,Authors and creator's celebration on World Poetry Day

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10 Apr, 21 10:50
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Litterateur,Poets,Authors and creator's celebration on World Poetry Day

"Rajasthani Kavyanjali" program was organized on World Poetry Day and Water Day -2021 in the Government Divisional Public Library located at CAD Kota. The Program Chaired by senior litterateur Jitendra Nirmohi, chief guest Jasveer Meena Deputy Superintendent of Police, Municipal Corporation Kota and highly distinguished guest, Ram Narayan Meena "Haldhar", senior litterateur Vishwamitra Dadhich, Gauras Prachanda, Krishna Kumari, Seema Ghosh and Irfan Qadri was present.The keynote speaker was Mr. Mahendra Neh. The program started with the worship of Ma Saraswati and lighting the lamp ceremony. Saraswati Vandana Early narrated by Shashi Jain in Hindi and same narrated in Rajasthani Language by Kishan Varma in Rajasthani for giving color to the Folk. Jitendra Nirmohi presiding over the ceremony said, "Today Poetry is also relevant in its own place. In this era of globalization Poetry is also teaching a text of emotions and sympathy. Its usefulness has been seen and felt very closely in the Corona period the poet Tulsidas worshiped the poets of his time, the poets of the past and the future poets in Bal kanda.Jasvir Meena Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy.S.P.) Municipal Corporation Kota said that Dr. Deepak Shrivastava, by organizing this important event, has tried to connect me with the scholarly litterateurs of Kota metropolis. The teacher only educates his students; the poet is the teacher of the whole society. In this COVID-19 period, World Poetry Day is also relevant because today the society is in great need of discipline and sensitivity. In COVID- 19 period, poems and inspiration of society gave us immense energy. Such events give a new direction to the society. Keynote speaker Mahendra Neh said "World Poetry Day has started from the year 1999, since then the importance of poetry has increased steadily. Ram Narayan Meena "Haladhar" said that - "Let women be born. They will be fertile after their birth. Soil of our fields, let women laugh openly. May they be sweeter than the colors of their blossom, milky grains ripening in the earrings of wheat. Let the women sing, and rain with their music, let the clouds smile, let the women smile, remembering the colors of their smiles, they return home tired of all the men of the world. On this occasion, 21 poets including Ram Narayan Meena "Haladhar", with the award of "Library of Medal", were awarded to the poet of the Rajasthan Sahitya Akademi, "Guest of Honor" for illuminating the name of Kota Mahanagar from the poetic practice on the global stage. Guest Deepty S.P. Jasvir Meena Sahab was honored in which Dr. K.K.Shrivastva , a doctor by profession and devoted to literature service. Srivastava, Dr. Farid Rajasthani poets Kishan Lal Verma, Muralidhar Gaud, Ratan Lal Verma and litterateurs Jitendra Nirmohi, Vishwamitra Dadhich, Mahendra Neh, Anand Hazari, Gauras Prachand, Krishna Kumari, Seema Ghosh, Mahesh Pancholi, Nahush Vyas, Salim Afridi, Prem Shastri, Muralidhar Gaud, Suresh Pandit, Vishnu Sharma, Loknarayan, KB Dixit, Dr. Raghunath Mishra "Sahaj" and Dr. Gopal Krishna Bhatt. On this occasion, Prem ji Shastri and Kishan ji Varma presented the books written to the library. The book "Neer Ki Pir" (sound drama), written by Jitendra Nirmohi dedicated to World Water Day, was released Dr. Deepak Kumar Srivastava said that - The author said that with the aim of bringing his point to the common man through this book There is still time for water so that we become aware. Save water My work has been written about this concern. In Khento, how to save water in homes, in public places, is described in this In this sequence, Krishna Kumari Kamsin said that if we did not listen to the water, how can we listen to the protection today, tomorrow and the sound of tomorrow. Young readers listened to the compositions in the program and understood the poems of the poem by guest poets. The operation was done by Nahusha Vyas. Dr. Pritima Vyas, Priti Sharma, Yogendra Singh, Prashant Sharma Mukesh Gaur along with Mr. Ajay Saxena and Navneet Sharma managed the program.

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