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Prof. HD Charan's courtesy visit to the Hon’ble Governor

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10 Apr, 21 10:44
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“Vice Chancellor Prof. HD Charan presented to Governor to implement value-based education system in the context of national education policy in all universities of the state”

Prof. HD Charan's courtesy visit to the Hon’ble Governor

Bikaner: Soon higher and technical education of the state and all the universities of the state will implement the agenda of national education policy with the new form of value based education system and will set the standard value of higher education by incorporating sacrament based education in the prevailing curriculum. A detailed work plan and vision report has been prepared under the direction of All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and Bikaner Technical University Vice Chancellor HD Charan, which is the Vice Chancellor of Bikaner Technical University. HD Charan met Governor and Chancellor Kalraj Mishra Giving detailed information, Assistant Public Relations Officer Vikram Rathore said that a delegation of Director Academic Dr. Yadunath Singh and Dean Human Value Dr. Alka Swami, under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof. HD Charan, presented a courtesy call from Governor and University Chancellor Kalraj Mishra and value-based Handed out a vision letter for a detailed action plan for education. On this occasion, the Governor asked for effective implementation of the values and values based education system in the context of national education policy in all the universities of the state and invited the Vice Chancellors of all the universities of the state to invite suggestions in this regard as well. He also presented a copy of the "Human Values Education" Souvenir compilation of historical works of Bikaner Technical University, Gaurav Yatra of human values. Vice Chancellor Prof. Charan while presenting the format of value-based education to the Governor, he was informed that special importance has been given to value-based education in the national education policy, if it is implemented in the universities of the whole state, then new standards will be set in the state and higher education. The vision paper of value based education envisions a higher education system that is progressive, rich, creative and full of moral values that will work on the ground in reviving its glorious history. In this regard, suggestions will be made from all the vice chancellors of the state and this will be implemented on the ground. On the basis of suggestions received from the Vice Chancellors, the scheme will be finalized and its effective implementation will be done by the entire country including the state so that the higher education world can benefit. Terming this draft as useful and important, the Governor assured for its implementation soon and also appreciated the proposal of the Vice Chancellor and termed the inclusion of moral values in the national education policy as a proud pillar. The universities of the state will undoubtedly benefit from the provisions mentioned in this format, on this occasion, the Vice Chancellor and the Governor discussed extensively with the delegation on important topics related to the implementation of value-based education and set forth the outline. It is known that the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi is working in the country with a detailed action plan on the implementation of human values in higher and technical education. Vice Chancellor Prof. Charan said that with the implementation of this model in the state, the higher education system will get a new foundation and our students will become more capable and empowered, value-based education has been considered as the main basis for the development in the National Education Policy. Students of our state will establish a new dimension with a new system of education and a new environment of human values will be created in the state. For the moral upliftment of the students of technical education, Bikaner Technical University has successfully implemented this campaign in the associated engineering colleges of the entire state by incorporating human values in its curriculum, which has yielded promising results. With the preservation of the ancient knowledge system, BTU has made its students, faculty members aware of the nature of moral values. He said that the implementation of this vision letter will benefit the students of higher education in the state of Rajasthan and will become the heads of the country with the preservation of their values. A vision documents of value based education prepared under the direction of subject matter experts by the Human Values Division of All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi, emphasizes the implementation of a value based education system in the entire country in line with the spirit of the National Education Policy. This guiding document of human values is committed to creating a quality and cultured environment in higher education, national development and global welfare all over the country. Taking the Indian knowledge system as the basis, the creators of this document have finalized it with a roadmap to prepare future generations of students with education. This document defines various aspects of the valuebased education system in a holistic way to continue the glorious Indian tradition based on the culture of the country. Education, research and innovation are important issues in this era of knowledge, science and technology. This vision paper has been prepared with a system of promoting moral values while assimilating the spirit of "Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat". A vision paper of value based education envisages a higher education system, progressive, rich, creative and full of moral values. In order to create a conducive environment for education based on overall values in the country, the All India Council for Technical Education has prepared this document with a lot of foresight and a strong policy. This vision document has been prepared after extensive research, conclusions and various courses, talks, meetings and detailed roadmap, which has been assigned by the Vice Chancellor for implementation in the Governor's State. It is known that the Vice-Chancellor Prof. HD Charan is also the chairman of the National Committee of this Universal Human Value under whose successful direction the program has been effectively implemented at Bikaner Technical University in the state of Rajasthan, which is called for moral uplift in the national level and technical education of the state. As innovation is underlined. 

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