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New Year with New Hope & Directions

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15 Jan, 21 10:58
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- Lalit Garg

New Year with New Hope & Directions

Departingthepassingyear and receiving the New Year - is a new path where life takes a new turn. We welcome the NewYearin such diverse scenarios like the Corona epidemic,naturalcrisis,economic turbulence and political upheaval, international change, peasant movement andtheestablishmentofpeace and democracy in Kashmir with the thought and resolution that we should now do something new in the upcoming year. It is to be made new, toestablishnewfootprintsand to compensate for the losses of the past year. Keeping an eye on the shortcomings and disaster situations of the past year, we have to take a pledge to heal the wounds caused by such ill circumstances of the past year and to create new life by filling them with new enthusiasm and energy. Accepting the existence of another, development of all, support of all, environmental protection, development of immunityandgivingpreference to others views - these are the pillarsofpeace-loving,healthy, good governance and civil society and this is the basis for making the New Year's Resolution . Today everyone considers theirunderstandingas theultimate truth. And this is where thebattleofbeliefs starts.Five thousand battles have been foughtinthreethousandyears. The unanimous sentence is that"morewarsarefoughtwith brains than on the field." Even today India is struggling with themisdeedsandconspiracies of Pakistan and China and we have given the befitting reply to both of them and we have to give them strong replies in futurealso. Inthecrisisof2020, we also have seen faith and hope in the form of various activities like the foundation of the temple of Lord Shri Ram, lit lamps and done clapping, sentmedicinesandmedicalaid to foreign countries. The year 2020 became challenging not only from Corona catastrophe and disease to the standard of living but also from the point of view of economic, political, social, employment and business. In the past one year, there have been many major changes in the Corona period. Various social events like marriages, entertainments and travelling should be controlled by followingthelockdownandsocial distance. People's entertainment mediums also changed during the lockdown. The means of entertainment like theatres,bars, shoppingmalls have closed and people sit in front of the TV at their homes. Doordarshan started old serials l ike Ramayana, Mahabharata,SriKrishna;and theseepic sagasbecameabig hit and when new episodes of different serials did not come duetotheshootingstops,people started spending time watching web series etc. Not only this, big screen films are alsobeingreleasedonthethird screen.Duringlockdowninthe houses, people were seen doing household chores on theirown,allthefamilies started playing games like Ludo, carrom board etc. for the time pass and most of the offices arestillclosedduetoworkfrom home. Indiahasbecomeanestablished culture. Drastic situations such as dozens of earthquakes,floodsintheNortheast, storms in eastern India and deaths due to lightning strikes inBiharhavealsobeenincluded in this year's major problems.Apart from this, as far as politicsisconcerned,itwasalso fierce in the year. The BJP, through its mass rallies, interactedwiththeactivistsandpublicizedtheachievementsofthe government on the first anniversaryofthesecondterm of the Modi government. The Congress, while doing negativepolitics thewholetime,has also been isolated among the opposition parties. This year has broken into havoc for terrorism. Many districts of Jammu and Kashmir became terrorism-free this year and so far hundreds of terrorists have beenkilledinmanyoperations. The special thing is that most of the terrorist commanders have also been piled up. Several incidents of ceasefire violations were reported from Pakistan which was given a befitting reply. Kashmir now has a peaceful atmosphere than before. In the same year, the Narendra Modi government has made many impossible announcements. They have fulfilled the dreams which this country had seen. The people of the country had seen. In Jammu and Kashmir, along with the step of makingArticle 370 ineffective, the work of dividingthestateintotwoparts also took place during this period. After this decision of the Modi government, one country,onelegislationandone mark has come into force in Kashmir. Amid the ongoing lockdown caused by the Coronavirus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over the chaotic economy of India with a special relief package of 20 lakh crore rupees to boost the country's economy. Thisyearthedetermination to be vocal towards the local became firm. A defence expo was also held in the capital of UttarPradesh,inwhichforeign companies saw and appreciated the defence products of indigenous companies. Defence contracts were also signedwithmany foreigncompanies during this period. In the parliamentary elections in Britain, when Boris Johnson was once again electedPrime Minister.Therehadbeeninterestingpresidentialelections in the US and Jo Biden became the President. NarendraModi startedprojects worth Rs 1250 crore in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi and flagged off the Kashi-Mahakal Express. The Shaheen Bagh movement became an irony. US PresidentDonaldTrumpcame to India with full tussle. India becamethefifthlargesteconomy in the world, overtaking Fr a n c e a n d Bri ta i n . Jyotiraditya Scindia resigned fromtheCongressandjoined theBJPduringthepoliticalturmoil. In a week-long political development in Madhya Pradesh, Kamal Nath's government fell andShivrajSingh Chauhan once again took power in Madhya Pradesh. The gathering of members of theTablighiJamaatandnotfollowing the lockdown became a major issue in Markaj, locatedinNizamuddin,Delhi.When it came to light that most of the Jamaati are Corona positive then the difficulties of the governments increased. Due to the lockdown, migrant labourers migrated towards theirhomestatesdue to loss of livelihood. Since the meansofpublic transportwere not available, these workers returnedtotheirhomesonfoot, ridingbicyclesandtrucks,even in container trucks and concrete mixing machine vehicles, and many workers were also victims of accidents. The President, Prime Minister and his cabinet membersandMPsdecidedthatthey would get their salaries reduced by 30 percent for one yearandthisamountwouldbe spent in fighting covid-19. In the same month, the program of online education started on the initiative of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development. . In the same month, the issue of homecoming of students studying in Kota of Rajasthan also arose. The Government of Uttar PradeshlaunchedArogyaSetu App.ThePradhanMantriGarib Ka l y a n Pa c k a g e wa s announced under which free food grains were announced for three months to poor families. 7 people died and many fell ill due to gas leaking from a c o m pa n y ' s p l a n t i n Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Apart from this, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the link road for Mansarovar Yatra through video conferencing. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan was also elected as Director of WHO Executive Board.Thesamemonthbegan a tussle over LAC with China, and Nepal too changed its mapshowingitseyestoinclude threeIndianregions.This year took many celebrities away from us. Emerging from complicated circumstances, the New Year is appearing with a new message, a new address, a new question, a new goal. To make the New Year truly successful and meaningful, we need to wear some lifemantras. Just like this, our scriptures are full of lifemantras.Eachmantraisdirectional. Onefeels likereadingit,as if the road to life has been paved. It is difficult to walk on that path, but those who walk get great success which is permanent. There is a mantra in the Kathopanishad - 'Utishthat jagrat prapya varannibodhat.' It means - get up,wake up and gotosuchsuperiorpeople,who can introduce you to the Supreme God, introduce you to pleasant situations. This courageous journey will give meaning to power; time and this will make the New Year meaningful.

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