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Anurag Thakur : Brightening star of youth politics

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15 Jan, 21 10:32
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- Lalit Garg –

Anurag Thakur : Brightening star of youth politics

Not only did theBharatiya JanataParty win a resounding victory in the election results of the District Development Council in Jammu and Kashmir but the people of the Valley have shown faith in the party, and for this achievement the credit goes to the BJP's youth leader, Union Minister of State for Finance and CompanyAffairsAnuragThakur.His far-reaching thinking, mature politics, aggressive attitude and nationalist ideology create a positive auraaroundthepeopleof JammuandKashmir. There is no doubt that he won the hearts of the people of the province through his stormy electioncampaignsandspeechesintheseelections. Thakur was not only successful in this new role but he also enthused his leaders. While playing a successful innings in a sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir, he strengthened the roots of democracy in the province, while sensing the attitude of the people, the parties of the secretive coalition, especially the National Conference and People's Democratic Party leading this alliance, were destroyed. As all know that there was a fair turnout in theKashmirValley, where these parties created an atmosphere that people may prefer to stay away from these elections due totheabolitionofArticle370and35-A.Nothing like this happened. By taking an active part in theseelections,thepeopleofthevalleyproved that they have full faith in India's democratic process. Thakur's role in creating such an environment has been remarkable. He has previously served in the Leh Hill Council elections and also played his role in Bihar elections. Anurag Thakur's fast-growing stature has not only surprised his political colleagues, but has also given wings to his stature and potential to jump higher in the party. They have such abilities and political skills that they can carry out every responsibility well. Anurag Thakur has always kept juggling controversies and his charismatic personality came to the light in the election of District Development Council in Jammu and Kashmir. Thakur is not only a fun player of politics but is also very popular. In every role as an officer in the Board of Control forCricketinIndia,asPresidentoftheHimachal PradeshCricketAssociation,asMPforHimachal Pradesh or as a Minister in the Central Government,hecreatedapositiveatmosphere by turningtheheatof controversy intoanopportunity. There are two different aspects of Anurag Thakur's personality which are clearly seen to be different. The first of these is the graph of his political journey rising rapidly in 12 years. After winning the by-election for Hamirpur parliamentary constituency, he not only took over the political legacy of his father, former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal, but he became so adept at the game of power politics that he won four consecutive Lok Sabha elections in succession. Significantly, the Hamirpur parliamentary seat was once the 'karma bhoomi’ of his father Dhumal. Atal Bihari Vajpayee started to create a terrorism-free province in Kashmir and to establish a democratic process; Prime Minister Narendra Modi has brought it further.After the abolition ofArticle 35A,Article 370 etc. and the significant public participation in the recent DistrictDevelopmentCouncilelections,Jammu and Kashmir has now entered a new era. Everything is normal there. Anurag Thakur's activism has established new footprints to give a new impetus to these new laws and democratic winds. He called for voting for development, freedom of terrorism and peace. He has created a wide impact. The state voted in the name of education, employment and development. Anurag Thakur also effectively raised the issue of Roshni scam. Thakur's efforts to bring the Kashmiri youth into the mainstream made a unique impact, as the youth there were fed upwiththemonopoly languageandthemonopoly of some families over the resources of the state. The leaders of the Gupkar alliance may insist on their demand for the withdrawal of Article 370 afresh, but leaders like Thakur are on fronts like a successful warrior to eradicate their misdeeds. That is why the leaders of the Gupkar alliance should become two-four with the ground reality that this will never happen. Apart from this, it was also working to destroy separatism along with fomenting separatism. The Gupkar coalition should also not ignore that despite all its negative publicity, the BJP was successful in establishing its roots in the valley.TheBJP's fightagainsttheGupkar coalition and the skill, hard work and prudence that Anurag Thakur carried out under the leadershipofPrimeMinisterNarendraModitorestore democracy in the valley is being appreciated notonlyatthenationalbutalsotheglobal level. Anurag's assessment is timely because of his unique grip and skill on the fronts of the valley; his work and political character have been such that the public's trust in him is unwavering.Heisalsocapableandfulfillingallhisresponsibilities. Anurag Thakur is the combative and living young man of Indian politics, it is true that he belongs to Himachal Pradesh; it is also true that he belongs to Bharatiya Janata Party but even more true is that he belongs to the nation, youths and presents the country on international front. He is now a rare personality in politics. He is a 'Karma Yogi', always ready to serve the country, whether he holds any positionornot,hisactivenessandlivelihoodis there in every situation, the politics of a nationalist thinking is moving around him. He symbolizes a series of individuals living on principles and ideals. The legislative perception,aggressivetoneandrealistic thinking associated with his life are such powerful weaponswhoseblowshaveneverbeenvacated. Anurag Thakur is the Minister of State for Finance these days and has won the confidence of the supreme leadership by handling the economy in a chaotic manner during the Corona epidemic. He is a strong and powerful minister in the Narendra Modi government. Hegaveaneffectivepresentationofmanynew innovative approaches, political thinking and many economic plans of Modi and improved the lives of millions through various development and economic projects, communicated hope among them. He is a gem of the BJP. His entire life is a laboratory of practice. It was said in his mind that without practice, experimentation and condolences, no work will be successful. He always worked for a good cause, not for a compliment. Living life to express oneself, not to please others. The effort of his life is not to make people feel his existence but to feel his work. He gave a new dimension to his life every moment and dominated the hearts of the people. His personality is an ideal political personality that can be called the renewable dictionary of passion, service and reformism.Thewindowsof yourlifearealways open to give a new vision to the nation and society. India is feeling the breath of fresh air coming from these open windows, whatever responsibility has been given to them, they will meet it, there is no doubt.

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