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Dirty Politics is the cause of Peasant Movement

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26 Dec, 20 07:56
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-Lalit Garg-

Dirty Politics is the cause of Peasant Movement

The farmer’s movement hasbeengoingoninthecountry for twenty days; the farmers are agitated and protested then there are millions of peoplefacingproblemsdueto them. At the same time, the country's economy has also suffered loss of thousands of crores due to agitation and protest. The issue between these complex situations is not what policies the political parties of the country support and which they oppose. The real issue is why the political partiesofthecountrymock the country's democratic values, constitution and law by tricking the people of the country. The root cause of most of the problems in this country is the double attitude of these political parties, only undemocratic activities and political interests. Due to the dual policies of these political parties, this peasant movement has become a political movement rather than a peasant movement. Now it is not only about the so-calledoppositionpartyleaders that they can stop the chaotic conditions and undemocratic conditions like the peasantmovement,holddown the falling human values, improve the social and national structure prone to problems,break themythsandcan makethenewpath.Thosewho are non-discriminatory, are beyond political interests, should be equitable, give a paved path and say the right thing at the right time. Therefore, the time has come that all political parties of the country leave politics of selfishness and votes and do politics of values, they should decide that there is no differencebetweentheirwordsand actions. If you advocate a law whileinpower,openlyorsilently support a bill during the vote inthehouse,andthenwhypretend to protest on the street outside? For the larger interests of thefarmers,theNarendraModi government at the center passedthesethreeagricultural laws in both houses of Parliament,whichwereimplementedwiththeconsentofthe President. Now these farmers arestuckontheborderofDelhi against these laws at the instigation of various political parties. This movement started with the demand for guarantee of MSP but now after the government is ready to negotiate, now the farmer leaders are demanding the repeal of all three laws. It seems that perhaps these farmers' organizations or peasant leaders are concerned about these political parties, not their own interests. In 6 long meetings, the government had consistently made it clear that there will be no tampering with the MSP system. The government has also acceptedmanyotherdemands of the farmers, but as the government bowed down, the peasants have been dominating, as they are trying to decide the direction of the movementatthebehestofthe so-called political parties.The farmeris a big vote bank in the country and no government would like to impose itself as being anti-farmer. No one has any right to fight for the rights of the peasants, but block the major highways, use vulgar, insatiable and chaotic language for the hero chosen by the highest and democratic methods of the country, what kind of democratic protest is this? However, it is a fact that sinceindependence,thefarmers of the country have been cheated.Whatevermaybethe intention of governments, but the system working under this government system has always tricked the farmers. If Modi government showed some courage to getrid of this deceit,thenitwentagainstthe opposition political parties. In these irrational and contradictory situations, various parties are roaming for their political selfishness, but no political party appears to have come out with a genuine mind intheinterestoffarmers.Then Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, while stating the old stand of the Congress and the Nationalist Congress, strongly targeted the double and contradictory attitude of the opposingparties.RaviShankar PrasadsaidthattheCongress in its 2019 election manifesto hadtalkedaboutabolishingthe APMC Act related to agriculture. In the previous government as Agriculture Minister, NCPchiefSharadPawar consistently advocated these reforms. TheKejriwalgovernmentof theAamAadmiParty has notified the new agricultural laws on 23 November 2020 and implemented it in Delhi. The policies of economic reform were also implemented rapidly during the government of Deve Gowda, Gujral and Manmohan on the support of Lalu and Mulayam. But today all these parties are trying to protest only in the name of protesting and the people of the country are suffering its loss, the country is becoming weaker. Today we are living compulsions, not life. Life has no meaning. You are not able to distinguishgood-badanduseful-useless. How holy and meaningful the word was, but the leader became an actor. Became a leadership practitioner. Today the word leader is an abuse. Whereas the leader was synonymous with the father. He should have played the role of a father.The father is not only the one who is born for birth but he is also theonewhoteachesdiscipline, shows the path of development,lives thevaluesofwrong and right and right, becoming a guide and then nurtures the nationality. Despite being a democracy in the country, a conspiracy isgoingonthatineveryway legitimateandillegaltacticsare being adopted to hold power and farmers are being used as effective weapons for this. The same goal is being strengthened by declaring Modiasanti-farmers.Fromthis a new type of eloquence has arisen, which is not based on any healthy political values but on the ideals of deviation. In which all want to be heroes, none of the characters. Who willbenefitsuchamentalityand movement? There is a cloud of selfishness, all of them are making themselves,andallofthemare nothing.And in this process of hysteria, there is no eligibility tobecomeanideal,thatiswhy changing the ideal itself and creating new values. Newly created values and so-called politics of redesign have reached cruel, corrupt, scandalousinhumanandpoisonous routes. But beyond the reality, we still keep creating 'Myth' everyday forpersonalandpartisan interests. It is necessary that speech should not be given only in the sense of wholesomeness, words and actions should be based on reality. Decisions taken at a higher level should be in the interest of the country. Be determined. Fists of one billion300millioncountrymentied up, awaken confidence. Whether it is in the name of a big scam, whether it is in the name of an unfairly run peasant movement. The one who crosses the lines of rights and dignities must be made aware of the true meaning of rights and dignities. In the forest, foresters have made their ‘LakshmanRekha’.Whydoes not man make? Why does it keep these limits and limitations for its false interests? The real problem today is not 'peasant movement' but 'black politics'. Four men are enough to deliver the crematorium. Millions cannot face the tears of human beings struggling with problems, for that they need clean policies and fixed opposition, and the makers of these policies and the politicians with advanced characterwhoimplementthem.There is a need to have a leader of high stature in the country. There should be a series of superiormeninthefieldof serviceandcharacterbuilding.Not only individualsemerged,policies emerged, lifestyles emerged. Brightness of character emerged. AftertheGreenRevolution, WhiteRevolution,thereshould be a phase of character revolution. Otherwise, the identity of manhood and nationality will continue to be dwarfed. ThatlineofMahatmaGandhi's beloved hymn- 'Sab ko Sanmati De Bhagwan' has a slight change at the moment – Keval Modi Virodhiyon ko Sanmati de Bhagwan.'

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