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Students are a ray of light : Governor

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26 Dec, 20 07:48
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Students are a ray of light : Governor

Udaipur: The 28th convocation of Mohanlal Sukhadia University was held in Vivekananda Auditorium on Tuesday. Sukhadia University is the first educational institution to conduct convocation through offline medium following the Covid guidelines. In this, the Governor and Chancellor, and keynote speakers were connected online.At the ceremony, 91 students were virtually awarded PhDs.At the same time, 51 gold medalists with the highest marks were present in the auditorium, who were awarded Gold Medals by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Amarika Singh. Governor and Chancellor Kalraj Mishra congratulated all the students for the convocation ceremony. He was of the opinion that the students who have their degrees will help in eliminating inequalities and evils prevailing in the society with the knowledge they have earned. He said that the constitution is the basic mantra of belief in democratic values. In university education, students' proximity is also necessary because, it can play a more effective role as a responsible citizen of the country. Students are the light of any government and society, and the nation illuminates with their light. He congratulated the university's initiative in constructing the constitution park and said that it is imperative to make students aware of the constitution constantly and realize their duty towards their country as the constitution is the philosophy of life of Indian culture. Describing Mewar as the place of courage and sacrifice, the Governor said that Maharana Kumbha had made a significant contribution in the upgrading of Indian craft, art, and architecture. Research on them can seed the new culture in a new generation. He said that more work should be done in terms of research on the works of Maharana Kumbha. Along with this, he said that courses in society related to modern knowledgescienceshouldbepreparedinEnglish and Hindi. Describing Sanskrit as the origin of Indian culture, he asked the university to list Sanskrit texts in which important material related to our cultural traditions, arts, knowledge, and Ayurveda are stored. He described the new education policy as co-ordinating with the essential motivationof sustainabledevelopmentofIndian knowledge and science, which is studentcentered with creating a knowledge-based society.“In a rapidly changing scientific era, we have to keep up with global standards and also take care that globalization does notharmour cultureatany level”,headded. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Managing Director of Brahmos Project in the Ministry of Defense, gave the convocation address on 'Education and National Security.' He saidthatnational securityensuresapeaceful environment in the country to focus on its development. It isimperativetomaintainournationalsecuritystandards,increase them, and strengthen the deterrence capability to prevent any enemy from daring. India'sArmed Forces are one of the largest and powerful forces globally, capable of fighting any external invasion. Hesaidthatanycountryanditscitizens'developmentdepends on some significant factors, including health, education, equality, employment generation, wealth creation, economic opportunities, and technology use. India is a prosperous nation full of energetic youth and vast resources. He said that the most important aspect is the development of technology through education. Through this, artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing are changing the shape of our lives and increasing our productivity. Describing the big success story of Brahmos, he described it as the world's fastest and deadliest offensive weapon. This technically advanced supersonic cruise missile has been deployed along with the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. Brahmos Aerospace is contributing to nation-building by employing 20,000 people today. This has created employment and has also become the most important example of Make in India and Design in India. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Amarika Singh initially welcomed all the guests and presented an account of the year's academic achievements.Prof.Singh spoke about the MoUs, innovations, and new courses done in the last four months. Initially,aftertheNationalAnthemandKulgeet,theGovernor administered the oath of primary duties to all. The program was academically conducted by Finance Controller andActing Registrar Suresh Jain. Girls in the gold medal on top Last year, the gold medal was awarded to the highest scorers in various examinations. 41 of the 51 people who applied this year received gold medals and registered their names in gold letters. Girls occupied chancellor Gold Medal in all five faculties. Among these, Alisha Habib in Science, Sonal Sharma in Law, Kritika Gupta in Earth Sciences, Khushboo Takin Faculty of Education, and Sunita Suvalka in Social Science Faculty were conferred, Chancellor Gold Medal. In the last academic session, 139 students had obtained a Ph.D. degree, out of which 91 people applied for the degree in the convocation. In this, 27 students in the Faculty of Management, 27 in the Faculty of Humanities, 27 in the Faculty of Humanities, 17 in the Faculty of Social and Social Sciences, three in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, 16 in the Faculty of Science, 19 in the Faculty of Education and 2 in the Faculty of Law, Ph.D. Janardan Rai Nagar Vidyapeeth Vice-Chancellor Prof SS Sarangadevot and Zila pramukh MamtaKunwar were also present at the convocation ceremony.

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