Chiranjivi Bhavah CM Ashok Gehlot….

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26 Apr, 21 10:14
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-Neeti Gopendra Bhatt-

Chiranjivi Bhavah CM Ashok Gehlot….

Famous as Gandhi of Rajasthan, whenever it comes to lead the government, it attracts the attention of the whole nation for its social schemes. He has always been talked about, especially, associated with public health.Gehlot has once again been in limelight with launching of the ‘Chief Minister 'Chiranjivi Health Sheme’ that covers health insurance of every citizen of state up to Rs. 5 lacs. Rajasthan is the first state to come up with this kind of scheme. Gehlot as chief minister has been concerned in his varied tenure about the health of tailenders leading life below poverty line, conman person, specially old persons,women, children etc. Gehlot kept the government exchequer open for people for treatment, especially for the people suffering from kidney, liver, transplantation of knees, open heart surgery, various kinds of cancers etc. In his previous tenure Gehlot earned accolades to initiate to make available generic medicines in government and private hospitals for treatment of the people suffering from serious diseases from ‘Chief Minister Free Medicine Scheme’ besides reimbursing the cost of the treatment from government exchequer. This scheme got widely popular in the whole of the nation. Taking a step further ahead, now Gehlot has come up with a ‘Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme’ that facilitates cashless treatment at government and private hospitals and an insurance up to rupees five lacs per annum. Especially, this facility is absolutely made available free of cost for the people belonging to the poor segment and for the people of medial & higher groups at nominal premium of rupees 850/- only. In his budget declaration Gehlot said that every family of the state will be provided with an cashless insurance worth rupees five lacs. People belonging to economically weaker segment will avail the scheme without any premium, however rest of the families of the society will have to pay an annual premium of rupees 850/-. To get associated with the scheme one has to follow a very simple process of registration being registered online from April 1st till 30th 2021. Beneficiaries of ‘Ayushman Mahatma Gandhi Rajasthan Health Insurance Scheme’ registered under National Food Security Act and beneficiaries under socio-economical census 2011 need not register themselves. Beneficiaries must have a ‘Jan Adhar Card or Number’ with him. For registration, all the district collectors at block and Gram Panchayat levels have been formed to look into preparations and supervision. Benefit of the scheme could be availed from May 1st, 2001. To avail any insurance scheme the age factor is vital, but the Chiranjivi Yojana is meant for the whole family. There is no limit for the members of the family. Even there is no age limit. Right from neonates to elderly ones will be beneficiaries of the scheme. Prior to getting associated with the scheme, even if someone is already affected with any disease will also be benefited with this scheme. Diseases identified and serious diseases will be covered up to insurance for rupees 04.50 lacs and others up to fifty thousand Besides these, a package of rupees 1576 includes it. A state representative reveals that the economically weaker section of the society only get benefitted with the medical treatment. At the same time all the age groups of the family and income group of the society ‘Chiranjivi Yojana’ have been included in the ‘this ambitious scheme of the Rajasthanj government. However, the government of India has granted permission to treat abnormal diseases under National Policy-2021 that will lead to reduction of treatment for incurable diseases. Under CGHS (Central Government Health Schemes) a provision of financial adds to the tune of rupees 20 Lacs is also been granted. Benefit of the policy is not confined only to the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families, but its limits have been broadened. This will be extended to 49 percent of that population which are not eligible for ‘Prandan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana’ Although there has been some criticism passed on Chiranjivi Health Schemes, it will be apt to say that the intentions of the Gehlot government is not at all to be liberal at public health. Yes, how the implementation of these schemes will be like, its success and failures will depend on it. It will be imperative to implement these schemes strictly with the government machinery, or else these schemes of public interest will also go in vain to the failure. At the crisis of Corona, time a few leaders of opposition have too been appreciated with their statements. Simultaneously, the common public of the state blesses Gehlot with its profound blessings that ‘May Ashok Gehlot chiranjivi Bhavah (Live Long)......

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