Revisiting the Inspiration

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10 Sep, 19 06:09
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Revisiting the Inspiration

nspiration travels through the air and is omnipresent. This is one such beautiful creation of nature that allows to be taken from anywhere and the best part is that you do not need to be thankful. When no one knows that you took inspiration and your ego will never be hurt, you can take inspiration even from your hard enemy. If you have a mind-set that hates to even take the name of your enemy, you are doing it wrong altogether. Hatred is something you can choose to demonstrate, but you do not need to close the doors of your brain. Whether you are reading this as an individual or a group leader, or a mass leader, you always know many great things from your counterpart competitor. The competition keeps you on edge and you do all the things differently to prove a point. Of course, if you do the same thing, you will no longer be in the competition. But there are many instances where you can safely take inspiration from your competitor as well. Personally, this idea might sound weird to you, but when you are responsible for the welfare of the masses or more people, you can obviously put your ego aside. It does not entirely mean that you emulate the good thing done by your competitor, but you can take the idea and implement in your own way. For example, Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics can be studied, and similar facilities can be set up in the city with a different way of operation. Similarly,we can reprioritize ourtasks and put more emphasize on making government run schools better, the way Delhi does. On the same lines, Delhi can learn the way Rajasthan preserves its heritage.Another valuable lesson that Delhi can take is of taking care of greenery. People of Rajasthan know the value of water very well and thus ensure the best possible greenery. This is why pollution is well under control here. Agree that states have different governments and they are literally rival of each other—which sound weird as some people become the foe of some other. Still, when you see a great idea that is helping the other state, you can safely use that in your state for the welfare of the people. The ideas can be exchanged, and then implementation could be the personal prerogative of the city or state

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