Professor Amarika Singh Engages in Civil Conversation with Dr. D.K. Ojha

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26 Apr, 24 09:59
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Professor Amarika Singh Engages in Civil Conversation with Dr. D.K. Ojha

In a recent dialogue session, Professor Amarika Singh, former Vice-Chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhadia University and advisory board member of NIMS University, had a cordial exchange with Dr. D.K. Ojha, the Director of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. During the meeting, both dignitaries discussed the potential of petroleum engineering in Rajasthan and deliberated on the employment opportunities for students in this field. Professor Singh presented Dr. Ojha with a copy of the book "One Nation One NIMS" and briefed him about various academic projects conducted by NIMS University. The conversation also touched upon the extensive research and employment prospects in petroleum engineering in Rajasthan. ProfessorSinghemphasizedNIMSUniversity's roleinproviding golden opportunities for students to pursue careers in petroleum engineering through various national and internationalexchangeprogramswithleadinguniversitiesworldwide. The institution is not only contributing to the development of the region but also fulfilling the national demand for skilled youth in the petroleum sector. Dr. D.K. Ojha highlighted the rapid development of the petroleum engineering sector, which offers promising career growth for young professionals. He stressed the increasing demand for petroleum engineers globally, making it a popular field among the youth. With advancements in technology, petroleumengineeringhasbecomehighly relevant,especially in exploration and production processes. India ranks third globally in gas and oil consumption, and the demand forthese resources is expected to rise in the coming years. To meet this growing demand, there is a significant need for petroleum engineers in India. The discussion concludedwithoptimismaboutthefutureofpetroleumengineering and its vital role in the country's energy sector.

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