C.P.S. Tops Education World Ranking

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10 Nov, 23 07:45
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C.P.S. Tops Education World Ranking

Udaipur: i n Udaipur,Rajasthan,the Central Public Senior Secondary School, l o c a te d i n New Bh u pa l p u r a , wa s declared the top-ranking s chool in the "Education World" school ranking. This achievementplacesthe school first in Udaipur, second in Rajasthan, and eighth in all of India. The Central Public Senior Secondary School, commonly referred to as "C.P.S.," secured the first position in the category of schools providing co-education and residential facilities. This remarkable achievement is the result of nearly 35 years of relentless dedication by the school's director, Mrs. Alka Sharma. This accomplishment is a moment of great pride for the C.P.S.family,includingtheschool'smanagement,parents,and students, who have worked tirelessly overthe years.The news also mentions that Mrs. Alka Sharma, the director of C.P.S., was honored for her substantial efforts. In addition to this recognition, a grand event celebrated Mrs.Alka Sharma, Chairperson of C.P.S., at a prestigious ceremony. This event is considered a significant occasion in the education field, recognizing the contributions of educators, renownedfigures intheeducationsector,principals,andteachers.Schools like C.P.S. go beyond imparting regular education and teach students additional skills, and this accolade attests to their commitment to maintaining high standards in the field of education.

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