PFC Education Celebrates Its 5th Birthday at Udaipur

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13 Sep, 23 10:27
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PFC Education Celebrates Its 5th Birthday at Udaipur

Udaipur: PFCEducation marked its 5th birthday today with a lively celebration at the PFCEducation campus. The event was filled with joy and enthusiasm, with active participation from all members. The students of PFCEducation actively engaged in the celebration, making it a memorable occasion.
The program commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by PFCEducation's Director Meenakshi Bherawani and the team members. This was followed by captivating presentations by PFCEducation's students that captured everyone's attention.
As part of this special occasion, a ramp walk was organized, and participants showcased their talents. Based on their performances, Mr. and Miss PFCEducation were selected. The ramp walk featured three themes – Corporate World, Walk-in Idea, and Fusion of Cultures – reflecting the diverse talents of the students. The winners of Mr. and Miss PFCEducation were chosen based on their interpretation of these themes.
Meenakshi Bherawani, Director of PFCEducation, expressed her pride in launching the anthem song for PFCEducation on this special day. The anthem song was a collaborative effort of all PFCEducation members and students. She shared that the preparation for this song had been underway for several days, involving students in their studies and contributing to PFCEducation's anthem song and playing unique roles in this event.
During the celebration, several education students were recognized for their outstanding performance in their exams and papers. The event witnessed numerous distinguished guests congratulating PFCEducation and expressing their hopes for its continued success.
The Department of Geo-Informatics conducted the event and was supported by various faculty members, including Dr. Lokesh Tripathi. He expressed gratitude towards all individuals, including ISRO scientists, who contributed to the success of Chandrayaan 3.
The event was celebrated with the participation of deans, heads of departments, and faculty members, celebrating the success of Chandrayaan 3. The live broadcast brought the joy of this achievement to the university's academic community and reiterated India's prowess in space exploration.

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