Inspirational Event on 'World Entrepreneurs Day' at Pacific University

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13 Sep, 23 10:24
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Inspirational Event on 'World Entrepreneurs Day' at Pacific University

Pacific University organized engaging activities on World Entrepreneurs Day to foster innovative and entrepreneurial thinking among students. The Pacific Entrepreneurship Development Cell aimed to enhance students' skills in various fields for entrepreneurial development and showcased initiatives. President Prof. K.K. Dave shared insights on finance, technology, mining, agriculture, pharma, hospitality, fire and safety, and polytechnics. He also provided information on government schemes and financial assistance available to students. Prof. Dave encouraged students to play an active role in job creation.
The event featured participation from 10 teams, each comprising 10 students. The teams were tasked with creating boats from 20-20 paper sheets. The boats had to be structurally sound and dimensionally accurate. President Prof. K.K. Dave also emphasized the importance of industrial operations, quality control, and lean Six Sigma practices in the industry. The event also focused on effective product designing, development, and marketing.
Prof. Anurag Mehta, who conducted the program, discussed product designing, development, and marketing to prepare students for competitive markets. Dr. Deepika Chaplot, Dr. Priyanka Chaudhary, Dr. Mohammed Abid, and Neelima Bajaj played key roles in organizing the event."

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