International Education Expo 2022 at Udaipur

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19 Nov, 22 07:55
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International Education Expo 2022 at Udaipur

Udaipur: Under the joint aegis of Seedling Group of Schools and Global Reach, a conferencefullofguidelines is being organized for students' bright future on Wednesday, 9thNovember.TheDirectorof the school, Hardeep Bakshi, Mrs. Monita Bakshi, and the HOOofGlobal Reach,Pawan Solanki, will preside over the conference. There will be a remarkable presenceofLakshyaRajSingh Mewar of the former Mewar royal family. The main objectiveoftheconferenceis togenerate the attitude of the future generation towards international education so that they can make an excellent identity for themselves. Director Monita B Sakshi said in the press conference that for this conference to be heldatRadissonLakecityMall, RMIT,UniversityofMelbourne, Manchester Metropolitan Un i v e r s i t y, Newc a s tl e University, University of Dundee,QueensMaryBelfast, SP Jain (Indian / Abroad), Amity University Jaipur, Canterbury Christ University and SIM Singapore had earmarked their participation. At the conference, special counseling will be given to the students to take admission to world-famous national and international universities. This conference is being organized for the first time in Udaipur. Interested students willbeabletogetdetailedinformation on the process of taking admission to renowned universities of international repute. DirectorMrs.MonitaBakshi informed that theSeedling the World School, run under the Seedling Group of Schools, provides education based on the International Curriculum (Cambridge). This is the first step in this direction which will play an essentialroleingettingadmission to international universities. This admission will guide the students after class 12th so they can pave the way for their future life through their studiesbygettingscholarships from these universities. Seidling Group of Schools organizes informative conferences from time to time forthe students to discuss various i n te r n a ti o n a l c o u r s e s . Currently,thestudentsofmany famous universities here are pursuing their future by pursuing higher studies. Because of the growing trend towards international learning, ten world-renowned universities have decided to participate in this conference inassociationwiththeSeedling Group of Schools. Seedling students will be able to apply to these universities for free. So far, the contribution of the Principal of Seedling Modern PublicSchool,Smt.KirtiMaken and the Principal of Seedling TheWorldSchool,Smt.Rashi Rohatgi has proved to be lifesaving for students. For the parents of the students studying in the school, this conference will be a beacon for their children to build a golden future. Parents will get a chance to interact with representatives of 10 universities on this occasion. Through these, doors will be opened to facilitate the desired admission to more than 500 universities worldwide.

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