Engineers Day Celebrations

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27 Sep, 22 10:14
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Engineers Day Celebrations

Paper can be made from the shreds of other stones, including marble and granite. Udaipur has started contemplating this direction. An innovative entrepreneur and Vice President of Vidya Bhavan Dilip Galundia, expressed this idea on Engineers Day –
 In the seminar on "Smart Engineering for Clean, Green and Prosperous Udaipur" organized at Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, Galundiya said that successful experiments had been done worldwide on the technology and process of making paper from stone, which is expensive. But, Udaipur is taking steps in the direction of doing this work through locally available technical knowledge and skills at a reasonable and tolerable cost. This may prove to be a unique example of "smart engineering."
The seminar was organized under the aegis of the Polytechnic Alumni Association, Institution of Engineers Student Chapter, and ISTE Chapter.
In the seminar, renowned architect Sunil Laddha said that for intelligent engineering, it is necessary to have empathy in engineering. Udaipur will become wise only when we keep a sense of affection and compassion towards nature, including trees, birds, and water, in the development and construction
 A former Pollution Control Board officer, Naveen Vyas, said that effective pollution control could be done through new techniques and an online monitoring system.
 Harish Mathur said that preserving the lakes and using water-thrifty is necessary.
Principal Dr. Anil Mehta said that no city including Udaipur can be smart only with modern roads, lights, and buildings. Mehta noted that Udaipur would not become smart until the context of "smart" is not understood. For Udaipur, Smart KS stands for Safe Water and Sanitation (Clean Water and Sanitation), M stands for Protection of Mountains and Hills (Save Hills), A stands for Aquifer Recharge (Ground Water Recharge), R stands for River, and Lake Conservation ( River and Lake Conservation) and T stands for Tradition of Volunteerism and Harmony (Culture of Voluntary and Harmony).
Student Rahul Suthar suggested using IoT to make Udaipur beautiful and clean. A poster exhibition on Smart Udaipur was also organized on this occasion.
Radha Kishan Menaria conducted it, and Jai Prakash Shrimali expressed thanks. Tanishk, Satyanarayan, Shubham, Divyansh, Priyashi, and Yasin were awarded.

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