Orientation Program of Pacific Polytechnic and Pacific Institute of Fire and Safety Management College

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09 Sep, 22 04:12
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Orientation Program of Pacific Polytechnic and Pacific Institute of Fire and Safety Management College

Udaipur:The orientation program of the first-year students of Pacific Polytechnic andPacific InstituteofFireand Safety Management College of Pacific University concluded on August 28, Sh ri M a n o j J o s h i , Managing Director Mold Makers,ProfessorK.K.Dave, Vice Chancellor Pacific University, and Dr. Mukesh Shrimali, Director Pacific Polytechnic College, inaugurated the program by lighting thelamp.allthestudentswere welcomed,andbestwishesfor the new session. Mr. Bhupesh Bhadwaj. On the second day in the first phase, all the students were informed about the hardware parts of a computer system by T Mr. Mahendra Vyas, and assembling and disassembling hardware parts were taught as well as general tumbleshootingofhardwareparts of a computer system. In the second phase, a workshop was conducted on Basic Automobile Engineering, in whichthestudentsweregiven information aboutAutomotive Engine systems, Fuel Supply s y s te m s , Cl u t c h e s , Transmission systems, SuspensionSystem,Steering systems, etc. On the third day, in the first phase,differenttypesofgames were organized for the students, in which the first and second place winners were given prizes. In the second phase, Col. CM. Dixit gave a seminar on professional etiquette.Studentsweretoldhow to use language in different places and smooth communication and verbal communicationskills.Insectors,anengineer can serve the country. On the fourth day, in the first phase, the students were taught yogaandmeditationby Dr. Narendra Sanadhya, got differenttypesofasanasdone, and explained the importance of yoga in life. Yoga is necessary for the inner peace of the soul in life, In the second phase, Motivational Seminar waspresentedtothestudents andtoldbyShriMukeshJanwa about the importance of English Communication in a career. The Law of Attention was described, and information was given on how to use positiveauraforstudies.During this Motivational Seminar, he said that his time should be appropriatelyutilized.Forthis, he cited the example of big thinking of Shri Dhirubhai Ambaniandnotedthatitisnecessary tohavebiggoals inlife. In the end, a "memento" was presented to Shri Mukesh Janwa Ji by Shri Neeraj Shrimali j. On the last day of the orientation program, all the students were taken to the Zonal Railway Training Institute for a technology tour, where the studentslearnedaboutrailway engineering and the working of locomotive engines.

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