Bikaner Technical University students' strike ends

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14 May, 22 07:38
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Bikaner Technical University students' strike ends

The 16th day of the students' movement & strike in Bikaner Technical University for the last 15 days, the University Administration and Vice Chancellor Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidhyarthi happy solution has been found with the meaningful efforts of Ambarish Sharan Vidyarthi. The Vice Chancellor ended the strike by giving juice to the students. In the talks held on the common forum, a mutual agreement has been reached between the two sides on the following issues between the Academic Council and the Management Board.
1. Promotion will be implemented in odd semester back examinations as decided in the circumstances of Kovid-19.
2. In special circumstances, 50% concession will be provided in the question papers in the Main/Back examinations.
3. Examinations of the Back likely to appear in the VII Semester will be held simultaneously with or immediately after the VIII Sem.
4. The schedule of the proposed examination will be issued separately on 11 May 2022 and 18 May 2022.
5. The demands of the students, which have been agreed in the past, will be implemented in time as per the rules and a proposal will be sent to the government and Raj Bhavan for its implementation.
The decision of the student to conduct the time examination according to the demands of the students was welcomed with great enthusiasm by the students of the university. The Vice Chancellor ended the indefinite strike by giving juice to the children, the students sitting at the protest site along with the Vice Chancellor and the members of the committee marched on foot through the university campus to the university and the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Vidyarthi expressed gratitude to the members of the committee and other administration members who were banned by the administration for regular conversations with the students on the students' movement & strike going on for the last 15 days. Readiness of University Administration and Vice Chancellor Prof. Vidhyarthi students expressed their gratitude for the sensitivity of the students.
On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Professor Vidyarthi said that the university administration has been sensitive to the issue of priority of student interests from the beginning, , we have made a meaningful effort to meet the demands of the students, through various rounds of mutual talks, ideas. We have been successful in resolving the issues of the students under the deliberation and effective strategy. Bikaner Technical University is always committed to the safety and dignity of its stakeholders. Our students are the heritage of our university; we are fully dedicated to solve the student related problems. Vice-Chancellor Professor Vidyarthi himself, taking conscious cognizance of this issue, was directing the developments beyond the last several days by constantly interacting with the students, working on the action plan of common dialogue, mutual understanding and a happy solution.
For special cooperation in resolving this entire incident, Vice Chancellor Prof. Vidyarthi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Raj Bhavan, State Government, Technical Education Minister Dr. Subhash Garg, Secretary-Technical Education, officers of Technical Education Department and local administration.

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