The World Education Summit-2021 of higher and technical education

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21 Dec, 21 10:54
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The World Education Summit-2021 of higher and technical education

Innovative education will not only boost the social, cultural, and economic development of the country but will help in the development of higher education and provide a new platform to India in the global competition. This policy set for sustainable development will establish India's identity as a vibrant knowledge society and a global hub of global knowledge superpower. In the "22nd World Education Summit" on Higher Education, the Vice-Chancellor of Bikaner Technical University, Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidyarthi delivered his address on "Innovation in Higher Education".
While giving detailed information, Vikram Rathore, Public Relations Officer of Bikaner Technical University said that on this occasion Prof. Vidyarthi said that innovation in higher education will prove helpful in developing creativity skills, knowledge and ethics in the students as well as it will play an important role in improving the quality of institutions. The changing scenario has boosted the possibilities of innovation-centric initiatives in higher education. To encourage the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, several schemes have been implemented by the government, aimed at promoting world-class innovation centers, providing entrepreneurs to big challenges. To develop as a platform for motivating, launching start-ups and promoting self-employment in technology-driven sectors. Today universities need to work seriously on important subjects like promotion of innovation, promoting creativity, encouraging entrepreneurship of students, providing support and training, providing a platform for the implementation of innovative ideas.
Through innovation, the education system will change and we and our young students will create a strong educational ecosystem towards making a self-reliant India. Today we need to look at innovations in higher education from an international perspective and will assess our country's education system correctly on global standards.India is a country full of energetic young students and the participation of youth in development needs to be evaluated, with positive motivation and more creativity to youth power, we can capture the global edge of higher education. In such a situation it is necessary that we be successful in providing quality, innovative, skillful education to our young generation so that maximum benefit can be obtained from it by creating skilled human resources for global competition.

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