Chancellors and educationists of the country brainstormed on the National Education Policy in the “Global Mahakumbh” of Higher and Technical Education

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29 Sep, 21 10:59
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Chancellors and educationists of the country brainstormed on the National Education Policy in the “Global Mahakumbh” of Higher and Technical Education

India's national education policy will provide new direction to the country on the global stage: Vice Chancellor Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidhyarthi India's new National EducationPolicywillestablish Indiaasaglobal centerofeducation; this newpolicywill give a new direction and direction to India's higher and technical education system at the top level of the world. in the "20th World Education Summit" on HigherEducationorganizedby th e r e n own e d El e ta s Technomedia Group of India, TheVice-ChancellorofBikaner Technical University Prof. Ambrish Sharan Vidhyarthi revealed his remarks on the "National Education Policy" and gave his address. While giving detailed information, VikramRathore,assistantpublic relations officer of Bikaner Technical University, said that recently he participated in the global conference organized todiscuss "NationalEducation Policy-2020" and important global issues related to higher education system of the countryandinternationallyHe expressedhis views.The20th World Education Summit was attended by Vice Chancellors of various regionsofthecountry, Secretary-Directors of HigherEducationDepartment, and senior educationists including global stakeholders related to higher education. On this occasion, Prof. Vidhyarthithatthispolicy isnot only our country but also the global policy which will successfully create our modern anddevelopededucationsystem on the international stage and the new education policy willdevelopeducationinevery village and village in the country. Built on the fundamental pillars of easy access for all, equity,quality,affordabilityand accountability, this new education policy is in line with the agenda for sustainable development and aims to make higherandtechnicaleducation more holistic, resilient to the needs of the 21st century, IndiaTotransformintoaknowledge-based vibrant society and global superpower of knowledge and bring out the unique abilities inherent in each student. Its objective is to achieve excellence in education by providing quality, affordable and inclusive education, sothat studentswillget world-class quality education within the country itself. Teachers will have an important role in the basic changes being made in the education system in the country, teachers, students and parents should be involved in the new education policy. The new education policy shows the way to empower everystudent,aswellastoprepare the youth on both the knowledgeandskillfronts that will develop India into a knowledge center in the 21st century. It is the collective responsibility of all to implement the National Education Policy in a better way. It aims to gain a prominent place on the global stage through quality education, research and innovations based on the Indian value system. The 'National Education Policy -2020' sees educationasoneofthegreatesttools toachieve'social justice and quality' in a perfect manner. Inclusive and equitable education is indeed an essential goal in itself and is also important for achieving such a social system. The National Education Policy strives tomakeIndiaajustand conscious society. According to the policy makersofourcountry,itsobjective is to transform India into a knowledge-based vibrant society and knowledge globally and bring out the unique talents inherent in every student, making the education system more flexible, holistic to fit the needs of the 21st century. The new National Education Policy strives to make India a just and vibrant knowledge society. It implements an India-centric educationsystemthatdirectly contributes to transforming India intoaglobal superpower.Inhis address in Prof. Vidhyarthi said that "Education and research are important tools in the world. India's education system has a long and illustrious history. He further said thatforthelast sevendecades India has focused on expanding education." Now with the recent National Education Policy focused on reforms in curriculum and assessment. India has a rich heritage of holistic education, it will prove to be a pioneer for the youth and education system stakeholders of the country and millionswill help students to grow and excel in all walks of life. OurNationalEducationPolicy2020 will have education in India, as well as philosophy of India in education. National Education Policy -2020 Philosophy of India conforms totheneed,whichwillformthe basis of intellectual change. It will remove the youth of India fromconfusionandmakethem employment oriented. Thisnationaleducationpolicy will make India a global power as well as a means of revealing the full potential of human beings. There will be social and justice equality and all round development of the nation. This will make India in the list of the best countries of theworld.This 'neweducation policy'. All the stakeholders associated with higher education,afterindependentIndia, warmly welcome the 'Indian Education Policy'. Priority to Indian basic knowledge is appreciated in the new education policy. Suchpolicieswillcontribute to further empower the students. The enlightened citizen, intellectual, educationist of India had been doing major changes in the field of primary to higher education through national education policy for a long time. The new education policy emphasizes on developing the necessary skills and the necessary abilities to lead life in children. Today we need to look at the new education policy in international perspective and it is necessary to assess the educationsystemofour country on the global standard. Of course, this policy will replace "traditionaleducationsystem" with "modern education system", I hope that every youth of our India will adopt this latest education system and set aperfectexampleforthecountry and the world, so that the creation of this ideal policy could be realized on the global stage.Studentsofour country and their skills are full of immense possibilities, which is necessary to bring before the country.

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