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MoU signed between Mohanlal Sukhadia University and Dev Sanskriti University

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14 Apr, 21 06:52
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Innovation of educational up gradation of students of tribal area of Rajasthan State Universities will be strengthened by academic and cultural exchange: Prof. Amarika Singh

MoU signed between Mohanlal Sukhadia University and Dev Sanskriti University

Udaipur: To engage students in Indian culture and create awareness and upgrade educational activities, Yoga Science, Yoga Medicine, Indian Culture, Heritage of India, Tourism, Management, Agricultural Development, Environment, Holistic Health, Tribal and Tribal Employment - Swabalamban and Ayurveda Recently, an MoU has been signed between Dev Sanskrity University, Haridwar and Mohanlal Sukhadia University with the aim of cooperation on the development of knowledge science, etc. Vice Chancellor of Sanskriti University Chinmay Pandya and Vice Chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhadia University Prof. Singh Memorandum of Understanding was signed and on the occasion both the universities transferred their MoUs to each other. The university has also decided to implement this innovation in all the affiliated colleges, for the implementation of these innovations, the Vice Chancellor has done a detailed study of this program in Dev Sanskriti University and has also set the roadmap for implementation in the affiliated college. On the occasion, there was a detailed discussion on academic exchange with Dev Sanskriti University and an action plan has also been prepared, fixing the priority of both of them. Vice Chancellor Prof. Singh said that our Indian civilization culture and education system is very ancient and has a large cultural pattern and our oldest education system is based on knowledge by our saints, sages and sages. With the latest education system, students are becoming alienated from their original culture, civilization and spirituality, due to which it has become very necessary to include them in the mainstream. The University believes that to implement our ancestral knowledge with education, we should set a goal. We have renowned universities like Nalanda, Taxila, Vikramashila of India and their historical education culture which has given a global recognition and recognition to the education system of India in the country and abroad. This MOU is based on the all-round development and medical upgradation of the student. Both universities will work together for the development of tribal children in their respective areas and towards the creation of employment-oriented programs. This MoU will prove to be a milestone for the students of Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. The two universities will also exchange teachers, researchers and students. Will improve the tradition of yoga, tourism and other types of knowledge. This MoU will establish new dimensions in Yoga education, culture and history, education, agriculture and tourism in Udaipur and will establish self-reliance centers for employment and self-reliance in tribal areas where they will be provided free training. The vice-chancellor expressed happiness over the MoU, saying that the MoU makes Ambassador of Goodwill ambassadors to make the university's efforts a center of excellence, develop the values of a rich Indian ethos in students and spread the message across the globe. With this, students and researchers will get an opportunity to do better in the field of research and innovation, so that students and researchers will be able to benefit.Prof. Singh said that through the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Dev Sanskriti University, we have made an effort that our university students and teachers will try to re-identify our civilization and culture once again and through their research, our Yoga and Will develop spiritual knowledge. We will work together under the Memorandum of Understanding by academic research, academic programs, syllabi, training, academic projects, subject matter lectures, social and cultural exchanges, which will develop a sense of responsibility towards the teacher and student in their culture. The students and teachers of both the university will be benefited by this memorandum and we can prepare the students to dedicate themselves to the development of the country by making them a good citizen. It is to be noted that Mohanlal Sukhadia University is constantly striving for the advancement and development of higher education with its innovations and innovative action plans.Vice Chancellor of Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, Dr. Chinmay Pandya said after the MoU with Mohanlal Sukhadia University that the two universities would work together on working on high-level research and employment - self-reliance. Keeping in mind the problems of today, it has been decided to start 4 new courses at Mohanlal Sukhadia University for the diagnosis of health problems, of which 2 courses will be MA - MSc in Clinical Psychology and Human Consciousness and Yoga Science. Two courses will be certificate courses, which will have six months in the form of Yoga and Alternative Therapy and Holistic Health Management.

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