Sukhadia University to become the first University to use artificial intelligence

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18 Sep, 20 09:41
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Sukhadia University to become the first University to use artificial intelligence

Udaipur: Mohanlal Sukhadia University will be the first University to experiment with Artificial Intelligence under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor Prof. America Singh. Under this, a robot will be prepared to perform thermal scanning outside the University's administrative building and answer the student's and visitors' questions. 
University spokesman Dr. Kunjan Acharya said that the newly appointed Vice-Chancellor had favored Artificial Intelligence since the beginning. Besides, he has spoken of innovation in the University using science and technology on every occasion. In this sequence, the Vice-Chancellor has prepared an action plan for buying robots. He will meet experts from various high-tech companies in New Delhi on Monday and talk to them for technical testing cooperation. The Vice-Chancellor intends that a robot be deployed outside the administrative building of the University, which not only arranges for thermal scanning and sanitization but also to greet the visitors and to respond to whom they want to meet and what kind of work it is. Vice-Chancellor Prof Singh will soon take steps in this direction after meeting and consulting technical experts. The Vice-Chancellor said that Sukhadia University wants to advance employment-oriented education, hence the research work related to Artificial Intelligence. This will be an important step towards becoming a popular example of innovation and incubation. The Vice-Chancellor said that all the courses would be tested according to the new education policy. All possible changes will also be made to include technology and artificial intelligence. 

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