The Magic of Giving

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21 Dec, 19 04:21
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The Magic of Giving

The joyous feeling of giving something is unmatched by all means. Nobody in the world would ever be unhappy when you give something to them.When you give, you only become bigger and richer. Nature takes a notice when you give and then in return you get more. You must have experienced this magic on numerous occasions for sure. So, why not make this time joyous again? TheChristmasisaroundthecorner,andthewinterisalready in the midst of the season. So, can you relate the two? Yes, you got it right. It’s time to discard some of the old warm clothes and blankets, and you can gift it to those who need it the most. Generally, people let their house help take all the stuff but then you can extend this to outsiders too. Like, you can keep a sweater of a muffler in your office bag and gift it to someone on the way to home. If you drive a car, you can store a few blankets or old shawls and gift those who would really appreciate. Giving of this kind also needs a bit of clarity that you are gifting to someone who really needs it. Your job does not endwhen you let the gift slip out of your hand onto that of others, instead, you must ensure that it is being handed over to the right people. And this cannot be limited to one time, you can gift whenever you feel like. The moment you find a wearable useless for you, mark it to be donated and put it aside. The magic of giving is of a divine level. You normally wait for an occasion to gift someone but you can also gift without a reason and without an occasion. Just buy a warm muffler and hand it over to your father and see the kind of happiness he feels. One, the present itself is priceless and second, it came as a total surprise. If it’s his birthday and you gift something, that is more or less expected. But when you gift as a real surprise, it becomes priceless. From a small pen to anything, you can do a lot to say thank you to those you really love. Life’s too short to wait for the occasions. And when you start doing occasional things regularly, you call for a celebration every day and that is the best way to lead king-size life. Now, it is not meant to add more burden to your pocket, in fact, it is the contrary. When you gift regularly, you can find less costly things and that makes any occasion easy on your pocket as people know that you keep gifting regularly. Instead of spending huge money once a year, you can spend multiple times a year and effectively save. When the real big occasion comes, you can still gift on the similar budget. This will keep your love and care at a level much beyond as compared to the occasional ones. So, rather than entering a swanky gift shop, search the internet and add small gifts to your cart and order when you have scope. Think in a different way and be a better friend for life for everyone

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