Let's Fight Back!

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10 Dec, 19 11:02
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Let's Fight Back!

The recent brutal act against a doctor has left every individual appalled and shocked. The way the crime was brought to an end was not only horrible, but it was also the most heinous way. Of course, the people involved were not human by any chance. Now when we have umpteen such cases of extreme madness, the need of the hour is to take evasive actions. The way police have intelligence against possible terror attack or any mishap, they can make the use of technology to find such black spots where a woman may not be safe. Until the fear of law and system does not spread among phycological and underdeveloped people who commit such crimes, the preventive action must be put in place. Forexample,theadministration can issue warnings about some isolated areas where people can avoid being alone at any time. While this could be a temporary idea, the administration can ensure that these areas are equipped with high-tech cameras and an indestructible lighting system.The high-end CCTV cameras can not only become eyes of the police, but their mere presence can also work in most of the cases. While one wing of the administration can take care of all preventive and protective measures, other wings can work to ensure that fair and speedy trials take place and a swift judgment is delivered. The judgment obviously needs to be exemplary as only the fear of the next step or repercussions can shoo such a criminal away. This is true because all such criminals are too coward. When you see a number of men had to get hold of a woman to rape her, you know they were cowards and psychopaths. Now, another important step is to train the kids and women the tricks to deal with any kind of molestation or abuse. This means strength training must be imparted to them and get them prepared for any situation. No matter who the woman is and what her social status is, the need to be prepared is common across humans and we need to be rock solid and smart. Liketheterrorists,wearedealingwithpeoplewholivearound us and look like us, unfortunately.And therefore, we must suspect everyone—yes, every single individual around you. This does not bring us to the conclusion that we can live in a frightened state of mind every time, rather we need to be cautious and exercise sense practically. If you know that traveling late from office to home is risky, then take a call and ensure you do not have to do that. If there is extra work, even if a single day in the year, refuse late stay and do the work from home. Remember, bravery is not in falling prey to criminals, rather it lies in carefully deceiving them and telling them that this is just not possible in this country anymore

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