Will leave you in blues.....

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23 Nov, 19 05:20
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Will leave you in blues.....

Life's all about how you react to a certain action of nature. If you take sorrow very seriously, it will leave you in blues.And your strong and positive attitude gives you a way to tackle the thing more comprehensively. Someone to whom you loved the most dumped you for no specific reason. Now your reaction tothiswilldecidehowyourheartwilltakethat.Butgoingagainst the obvious is really difficult.And something called your innerself does not respond your call to go against the situation to fight it out. This makes it all the more difficult as you have to fight the situation as well as drag your inner-self in the opposite direction. Butthis isallabout countering life's action. And life acts based upon our own past actions.Today you are sad and feeling low.And you want the other people to act carefully and sympathetically towards you. And most of the people you hope to help turn their backs towards you. Why? They are normal and powerful today. Unlike you who has been broken down with the hit of the circumstances. Now, recall the time when you were on the other side, and someone else was in the place where you are at the moment. How did you react? Were you the same as you are hoping people to be with you today? Probably not! Yes, Life's all about reacting on certain situations. When youarepowerful, youdonotgetalicensetoactloosely.Instead, you have to be very responsible and humble if nothing else. The power given to you by nature is a test, and most of us fail because we forget that the lie is a circle and we have to be in the shoes of those powerless at the moment sooner or later. So your good deeds is a sort of insurance that when you are in that bad patch of your life, people will react positively and humbly to you. But remember, you can never avoid that bad patch. Life is a circle, and it keeps moving in front of situations. At times it is facing the Sun and black dark on the other. So, if you are a boss, understand the needs of your employees for in your bad times, someone else will be your boss, and then you will seek sympathy. And you will get what you had given earlier

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