The True Investment

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05 Nov, 19 10:56
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The True Investment

When you invest in good things, returns are bound to be good. At times you get instant results while more than often you have to wait.But forthose who have made investing in good things a habit, results don't matter. These are the people who believe in Nishkam Karma and do good and offer it to the God. They, in return, get a deep peace inside instantly and then also get results in the future. Now, in our lives, what we have been told is that good thing have to be big in magnitude. You donate money, feed someone, help a blind cross the road, pay fees of your maid's children, donate your old clothes, return an ornamenttoback totheowner, and so on. Of course, these are greatdeedsbut youdonot get an opportunity to perform such investments always. So, there are many ways with which you can continue with great deeds for the mankind and you too get rewarded more than often. The frequency of you getting benefited in the present from your past good deeds is proportional to the frequency you committed good work in the past. What you reap is what you sow can be realized in many small endeavors we take across the day. For example, if you flush the toilet after using it on a train, you are most likely to get a clean toilet when you step in to use it. If you find it filthy, you must have left it so sometime in the past for someone else. Similarly, if I get a lower berth in the train and I offer it to the senior citizen or a lady with an infant, I shall find similarly generous and kind youngster when I am old. So, it is all about getting benefited from the past deeds of your self. This implies that you yourself write your destiny. For many cases you see around you every day, you can connect with your past actions. You dropped a student to the exam center when it was difficult for him to reach in time will surely result in similar help for you in the future. The power is like money which is too slippery to hold in your hands. Today, if you are powerful, you are bound to be weak next time. And that cannot be changed. Now the way you behave in the times of your power will determine how you will get treated in the future in your weaker times. So, you are not obliging anyone by helping them. All you do is pave a path of comfort for your future. So next time when you use public parking, make sure that your park your vehicle in the most proper way so that others can park as well. Next time, you will get your parking space even when its Saturday night

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