Enjoy the Change

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20 May, 19 04:28
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Enjoy the Change

Mysteries of life is endless. You try and understand one way, and it turns out to be another, and so on. This intricacy of life is the complication as well as beauty. The fear of unknown or the joy of hope, we choose as per our convenience. And that keeps us hooked with life. The secret of a happy life is nothing special. It lies somewhere between your hope and fear. You can never predict what will be the next but your attitude to see that unforeseen is what makes you happy or sad.

At times we realize that despite everything being fine, the feel is just monotonous. And that leads us to a sort of depression because nature is programmed to be moving and changing constantly. See the water, air, light, or seasons; everything is on the go. Despite their linear movement towards the next, they have a variety with them, and this is why the same wind feels fresh that we loved a day ago in the morning. But if you see yourself, you feel boring when you head to the office or business every morning. The difference is the feeling that you take out of every new day. If you can recall every morning that this is a new day, a new date in the calendar and a new day of life, you might feel better. To add on, check the people on your way—they are not the same that you saw yesterday. You see new faces every single day on the same square where you wait for the signal to turn green. You see a different car beside yours and so on.

Similarly, if you see the people in your office, they are in different colors. Some would shake hands with you while some might wave a hand at you and so on. Everything is new and exciting every day; all we need is a thought process that allows us to see beyond the same desk, pillar, office walls, doors, etc. Our ability to see the new is well controlled by our attitude to see the things that do not change. Inanimate objects are not your focus, but the live things are.

To feel this change, start loving the plants you have in your garden or balcony. Every morning, they have some development. Seeds would come out of the soil; a new bud would appear from the bunch of leaves, a new set of leaves smiling with fluorescent colors, a new bug eating a leaf, or a plant looking pale due or inappropriate watering, and so on.

When you start your day with plants or a garden, you will realize that the day is new. Not just a calendar has moved on; life has propelled too. Enjoy the change.


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