Pamper yourself !

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14 Mar, 19 09:13
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Pamper yourself !

Sometimes we get so much engrossed with others that we forget who we are and what makes us happy. Things that make us happy are sidelined by others and out of respect to others, we too push our happiness under the carpet and start being happy in others’ happiness. While this phenomenon is good for humanity,but we forget that even we are human-for that matter.

For example, you like to spend time with your garden in the mornings of weekends, but your friends like to go out to the gym, walk, or play. They force you so that their wish of enjoying their weekend mornings get done. And since your own wish is not that powerful, at least in the eyes of others, you will be forced to give up your gardening and spend that time to fulfil the wishes of others. Sounds familiar? Read on.

While it is perfect to respect others and be the one who

sacrifices and not the one who requests sacrifices, your good deed should not be hurting someone either--that’s you.

Now you know that you have a desire and an idea of life. You also know that the idea of yours is not only neglected by others, but it is also not respected. And if you look at it neutrally, you will find that you are the one who needs to change and not others. Notice the way others follow their passion and idea of life. And then compare that with that of yours-you will know the difference.

Now there are two ways to claim your life back--get rude and tell clearly that you cannot be with them, or slowly start shifting yourself.

You will love the second idea for many reasons you already know. Simply start looking at your passion positively and start missing your friends for your me-time. If you really enjoy what you do in the garden or in your own time, build a positive story around it and then share with the friends. Take an example of gardening itself. Post some cool pictures of your plants and garden and feel proud to be the gardener of those small saplings and young trees.

Who knows, more people like your weekend morning idea and spend time with these lovely and lively kids of the garden.

And leave others aside, if you love it and if it makes you

happier, you will not only spread happiness inside and outside, you will also make the world a better place emotionally.

Plenty of us pretends to be happy. Even though we do not enjoy expensive shopping or spending thousands in a club, we do. And most of the times it is societal pressure. This is the big time to remind yourself that you are not made for others or bound to make others happy. Remember, you cannot make others happy if you are unhappy inside. Love yourself and take care--in a  real and practical sense.

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