SC's Trailblazing Reforms: A Beacon for Justice Delivery

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03 Jan, 24 09:33
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SC's Trailblazing Reforms: A Beacon for Justice Delivery

In the pursuit of justice, the Supreme Court of India, under the guidance of Chief Justice DY Chandrachud since November 2022, has embarked on a transformative journey to alleviate the longstanding issue of case pendency that has plagued the country's legal system. The year 2023 witnessed a commendable stride, with the disposal of 52,191 cases by December 15—an impressive 33% increase from the previous year and the highest number since the inception of the Integrated Case Management Information System in 2017.

The linchpin of this remarkable achievement lies in the strategic embrace of technology to streamline and expedite judicial processes. The reduction of the verification and listing period for cases from 10 days to seven has proven instrumental in setting a new standard for timely and efficient justice delivery. The Supreme Court's commitment to prioritizing personal liberty is evident in its swift processing and immediate listing of matters such as bail, habeas corpus, eviction, and demolition—all within a single day. Notably, the court also ventured into conducting proceedings during the summer vacation, marking a departure from traditional norms.

The formation of specialized Benches tailored to handle specific types of cases has further contributed to the expeditious resolution of legal matters. This targeted approach has proved effective in streamlining the judicial process and addressing the diverse needs of litigants. The Supreme Court's proactive stance in adopting innovative measures sets a precedent for other judicial bodies to follow suit.

In addition to case disposal, the Supreme Court has championed several litigant-friendly initiatives. The establishment of a hybrid hearing system, an RTI portal, and the introduction of the e-SCR (electronic version of Supreme Court reports) have ushered in a new era of accessibility and transparency. The online availability of thousands of judgments through the e-SCR ensures that legal information is readily accessible to the public. The integration of the Supreme Court with the National Judicial Data Grid has further facilitated real-time case tracking, diminishing opacity, and enhancing judicial accountability.

The Supreme Court's proactive approach serves as a beacon of inspiration for the high courts, urging them to emulate these pioneering reforms. The implementation of similar measures at the regional level can catalyze a nationwide transformation, fostering a legal landscape characterized by efficiency, accessibility, and fairness.

As we commend the Supreme Court for its unwavering commitment to justice, it is imperative for the entire judicial fraternity to collectively embrace and adapt to these reforms. The path illuminated by the Supreme Court's initiatives is not just a way forward; it is a mandate for a more equitable and responsive justice delivery system for the benefit of all citizens.

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