Power and Karma

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06 Mar, 23 05:15
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- Sulekha shrivastava

Power and Karma

There are only two things in this world. You came empty handed. In due periods of time, You got different  types of powers. Physical power, Mental power, Intellectual power, power of Imaginations, Material power and Financial power. These are all powers which you use throughout your life. When did you use or misuse which power? According to that sometimes you got good and sometimes bad results. Sometimes the pot of karma gets filled and the fruit is available in this birth itself and if the pot is not filled, then it is available in the next life. This is what keeps on going or happening. We keep on taking birth after birth. And remain engrossed in doing good or bad deeds and in suffering or enjoying their good or bad results.
It is just like the question paper and answer sheet you get in the examination hall. You have to write answers to the questions in your answer sheet in the specific given time. If you have written good and correct  answers then you will get good marks. But if you have written bad and wrong answers, you will get less marks. These low marks are sorrow and good marks are happiness. If you want to get rid of all these shackles and bondages, then you have to try to attain salvation. For that more and more meditation has to be done. During meditation, a cosmic energy enters us which destroys our accumulated karmas. For salvation it is necessary to get freedom from the outcomes of both good and bad deeds. But until we get salvation, we have to do karma. We are doing actions every moment with body, mind and words. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. That is why great Saints say, be alert while performing any action through any mode so that we get happiness and we can concentrate towards attaining salvation lest our life should spent in accumulating sources of happiness only. If we do bad deeds, then we would get sorrow and we would be busy in taking measures to get rid of sorrows. We will not be able to even think about the efforts to attain salvation. That's why good deeds should be done until nothing is attained. So that taking birth in human form may be successful.
Do you know that animals and birds come on this earth only to pay for their deeds. And they do not get any opportunity to make efforts to attain salvation, while man has got the opportunity to get salvation along with suffering or enjoying the outcomes of his deeds. The sooner our eyes open, the better it will be for our future and the life
The biggest abuse of the power received is to think and speak about others. If you speak, it means you have thought too. And there is no greater misuse of power than thinking and speaking about others because we do not get anything out of it, but deeds are done through mind and speech, which have to be suffered later. Everyone is doing their own work. They are suffering the fruits of their own deeds. Everyone is on their own personal journey. No one has anything to do with anyone. These relationships come again only as an opportunity to fulfill the gaps, that was missed in the previous births. That's why there is no need to get too much entangled in the strings of these relationships. That's why Tulsidas ji has said--"Kam, krodh, mad, moha, lobha, Nath narak ke pnth ". The sooner we understand all these things, the better it will be for us. 
For this it is also necessary  to understand that we should see only the positive aspect of everything and not the negative. And all this has to be done in time not after time. Where are we and where are we going to reach. Understand all this from this couplet.
A pot tight pack, filled with water, is put in a sea. It is floating. As it breaks, water inside and outside get mixed up immediately. The same way, This physical body is a pot of clay whereas, soul residing inside resembles to water. As soon as the death approaches, soul is free from the surroundings of physical body and is ready to mix with almighty God, though this mixing is a long process of  "Salvation."

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