A boon to humanityImproving faults-

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05 Aug, 22 04:22
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- Sulekha Shrivastava

A boon to humanityImproving faults-

There was a military officer in the American army. His name was John calendar. He was told, advised, threatened, and ordered to follow discipline in his daily routine. He was very irregular in his daily routine jobs. He was so careless by nature that he never cared to follow any discipline rules. He did his work, but he neither gave ear to anything nor paid attention to his colleagues and senior's advice. Lastly, he was turned out of the army as no other way left. This step, turning out, hit his consciousness so severely as if he was abused. This incident opened his eyes. He checked and rechecked his personality again and again. He decided to bring improvements to his character. He had determined hard. He noted down his faults and started to work onthemonebyone.Soon he was free from all the shackles and bondages ofdifferentresponsibilities defaming his personality. After that, he again joined the same army as a soldier. Soon everybody started to praise him for his good virtues. Suddenly war began. He fought so bravely and skillfully for his country that everybody was astonished. He was then awarded a gallantry award by George Washington, president of that time in America. Besides this, he was promoted to a higher post from which he was turned out earlier and of which he was worthy too. So friends, do you understand that humans only make mistakes,notGod.Makingmistakesisnotabigthing.Actually, making mistakes is a part of life because nobody is perfect on this earth but correcting them and bringing improvements in the art of life. They indeed achieve success in their lives and bring improvements in their personality. Your mistakes get a failure, which shows a mirror to you is actually what you are. It provokes ego in your mind, which prevents you from leaving the ground or bringing improvements and getting the same glory back again. So mistakes are your teachers, not enemies. Respect them.

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